Pornhub Now accepts Tether (USDT)

Pornhub Now accepts Tether (USDT)

Famous adult pornography website pornhub adds support for tether as a payment method

Recently the adult video company informed about this new payment method in a official blog

Pornhub now supports major stable crypto currency tether (usdt) a major dollar pegged crypto currency

Pornhub now supports both tron version trc -10 usdt and Ethereum based Erc -20 usdt version of tether

Tronlink a native crypto currency Wallet for tron crypto currency and 12th biggest crypto currency according to daily volume and marketcap

Pornhub supports Tron blockchain version of tether along with ethereum blockchain version of tether

In order to start receiving payments and also to buy prenieum membership users a d pornhub models need to use tronlink wallet

After paypal halted payments from pornhub it became difficult to buy membership and monetize contents

Thats why pornhub decided to receive and pay their content creators with tether (usdt)

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