Peter Schiff Again fuds the market (I lost my wallet) tweet
Peter Schiff Again fuds the market (I lost my wallet) tweet

Famous Investor and Gold bug peter Schiff was always against crypto currency

He always had negatively throughts bitcoin and crypto currency.

Peter always says crypto is a poisonous investment on his official Twitter and always spreads negatively against bitcoin

Now he tweeted saying crypto never was agood investment and he made a mistake by investing in it

Recently Peter claims to lost his bitcoin because he couldn't decrypt his wallet wherehe kept his bitcoins.

He says he entered the password and his wallet was still locked and there was no way of recovering the seeds

He posted in his Twitter that "I lost my wallet"

After his Twitter bitcoin witnessed a downside and dropped $400 in a hour.

Although the main bitcoin dump reason was a massive sell off by a bitcoin whale but crypto Twitter suggests it has something to do with peters tweet

Some questions raise as Peter Schiff was always against crypto and was a crypto bear so why will he even buy bitcoin at the first place

Like always he was trying to fud the marketplace and kept bragging about gold



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