Pakistan using govt funds to mine bitcoin

Pakistan using govt funds to mine bitcoin

South asian country Pakistan is using government funds to mine bitcoin

Pakistan's economic growth has been slowned down for past few years but mining bitcoin might help to revive that

Government of one of Pakistan's four province has set up two mining farm to mine bitcoin

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) announced the launch of two state owned bitcoin mining farms last week

After bitcoin got legalized in the country this is the very first move to use govt funds to mine bitcoin

Information technology advisor to the chief minister of KP Ziaullah bangash said a legalized bill was passed in the assembly in order to mine bitcoin

A separate non objective certificate was also passed allowing individuals to launch their own crypto currency without any govt backlash

The KP administration has led efforts to make it possible to mine bitcoin in a naturally cool environment suitable for mining bitcoin

This move will help KP administration to turn power into profit by mining bitcoin and stabilize economic situation in the province

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