Litecoin partner with lending platform cred

Litecoin partner with lending platform cred

Litecoin also known as Digital silver which is currently world 5th largest crypto currency

Recently Litecoin announced about their strategic partnership with cred a lending platform

Cred - A san Francisco based crypto lending and borrowing platform that has over $300 million dollar worth of asset in capital

The partnership will now give LITECOIN its own earning platform and promises to give 19% return each year for the staked funds

Now, LITECOIN can be borrowed and lend on cred platform and for that cred will give 10% return for the total amount of LITECOIN staked, lend and borrowed on the platform

The deposited funds in LITECOIN can be withdrawed any time by the user of cred platform

The interest for staking litecoin on cred will be paid every month and the profit can be withdrawed any time

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