Keepkay Wallet has a Major flaw - Says Kraken

Keepkay Wallet has a Major flaw - Says Kraken

Famous Crypto exchange Kraken found a flaw ok hardware crypto wallet provider keepkay wallet

Recently Kraken exchange posted about this flaw of keepkay wallet on their latest blogpost

The Exchange Security Wings also wrote that they found a flaw that allows hacker to find out or get access to the seed of the wallet

Seed or passphrase is a key to access the wallet this works as a password but it cannot be recovered so if somehow you love it there's no way available to recover it

The keepkay wallet also has issue with their microcontrollers. The exchange also noted that its easy to get access of the wallet with this flaw

People with physical access to the victims can easily steal the assets stored in the wallet by reading the encrypted seeds

To access to the pin hackers use the microcontrollers issue and can get the pin with brute force this will disable the system and hacker can get access

Kraken also noted that the Wallet isnt safe from malware the antivirus working defense worm arent safe and the code working on the antivirus can be decoded with back door black hack method

It also adviced everyone to stay away from this wallet abd move the funds from the wallet to stay safe

In response Keepkay saided it as a rubbish Accusment and denied all the charges against them made by kraken

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