India is secretly training iT and tax officers to deal with crypto
India is secretly training iT and tax officers to deal with crypto

India one of world's economy by far wasnt that friendly throughts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

But they never directled banned or never said that bitcoin is illegal but before making it legal they are planning to implement laws to make the space secure for everyone

Allowing the government to take tax from cryptocurrency investors and traders and people in general who are involved in crypto

Recently the news came out from indias famous news outlet india times that india is training its IT officers and the tax officers to understand and deal with cryptocurrency

The tax division is secretly training its employee and teaching how to investigate cases related to cryptocurrency.

One of their curriculum books of laws allow made a part on Dark side of bitcoin described the bad sites of bitcoin

Earlier this year the income tax office of india has sent notice to few indian cryptocurrency investors. The department asked details of their past three years transction of credit/debit card, bank transfer made to purchase crypto with the name of crypto they purchased and amount.

The department asked 26 questions from the investors along them 21 was only about bitcoin and cryptocurrency

few experts predicts this movement of indian government as positive as they are trying bring crypto in india but before that they want to legalize it fully


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