Ethereum Sets To launch Final Testnet by August

Ethereum Sets To launch Final Testnet by August

World's second largest crypto currency Ethereum set to launch its testnet by next month

Ethereum announced to launch it's testnet version of Ethereum 2.0 by August 4, 2020

The public testnet for Ethereum 2.0 aims to launch just two weeks from now.

Long waited Ethereum 2.0 network upgrade has taken one step closer to its launch and preparing to make it available for everyone

Ethereum 2.0 will bring more features to the network and make it more secure then before by few major changes

Ethereum dev has been testing the changes on various testnets since genesis Block was created on beacon chain

Phase 0 is the first stage in the long waited Ethereum 2.0 which will upgrade to proof of stake (POS)

Proof of stake (POS) will dramatically increase the transaction speed on the network

Instead of the Proof of Work which os controlled by miners Ethereum 2.0 will be secured by users putting a minimum of 32 eth stake to run a node

This will stop the one side controll by miners on the network and will let everyone to participate ane secure the network

Ethereum transaction fee raised massively and touched all time high because of the defi boom and high demand for stable coin

Ethereum 2.0 will solve this issue by increasing transaction speed and decrease the transaction fee.

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