Ethereum miners are spamming the network

Ethereum miners are spamming the network

Ethereum World's second largest Crypto currency after bitcoin.

Recently number of daily transaction on the network increased to one million as mining pools spam the network.

The number of daily transaction on the ethereum network is breaking its all time high amid the raise of stable coins on the network.

As defi and stable coin demand and usage in the network increases mining pools kept on spamming the network.

Daily usage of ethereum spiked to over 1.1 million transaction a all time high since 2018

The spike of transaction caused because of unusual behavior by the Ethereum mining pools.

According to trustnode Ethereum network gas performed over 13,000 transaction within last 24 hours that were only 0.05 eth.

Researchers accused mining pools for spamming the network there was over 13,000 transaction just to send 0.05 eth around $11 .

Miners like sparkpool and nanopool are accused of flooding and spamming the network with multiple same transaction

Last time ethereum was under serious attack was on 2016 when attackers used denial of service attack to spam the network.

This attack caused Ethereum devs to hardfork the network rresulting an increase of gas price

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