End to End encryption : What and why is it so popular?

End to End encryption : What and why is it so popular?

Nowdays, End to end encryption technology has become really popular in both technology field and silicon Valley

Major tech companies such as Google (Alo) , Whatsapp, Viber, Wechat uses this technology in their product for securing the data transferred by the users

For few key features End to end encryption technology became really famous. So what is end to end encryption?


End To End Encryption Technology

End to End technology is a way of encryption that encrypts data from both sides (Sender & Receiver)

It provides an extra encryption on the both end and decodes it later after receiving to the other hand

Suppose I send a message to one of my friend "What's up"? using end to end encryption that text will be encrypted as Binary numbers like (010010)

For any normal human being its not possible to read whats written in that code.

For a normal programmer or a decoder it will take hours to decode one line of the text using binary math and with help of the original private key

But for any normal person its not possible to read what's in that code or decode it into its orginal form.

It prevents anyone in the middle to read those private conversation and keeps the input and output protected


How does end to end encryption works?

End to end encryption is a simple still complex to understand in language of codes and numbers.

Suppose, Mitch wants to say "Hello" to Lauren in private. Lauren has both the private and public key as Mitch send her message first.

Private and public keys both can be described as access to a mathematical encryption portal without the keys the message stored in the chest cannot be read or decoded

The public key can be viewed by anyone but without the private key No one can view the real text behind

At first Mitch use Lauren's public key to encryt the message. Then the message (Hello) turns into a coded text called ciphertext - Mix of numbers and characters

Mitch sends his message over a public server on the internet. In the way the plain message travels over multiple servers including Internet service provider (ISP)

Although they might try to read the plain text but they can't as it will be turned into a cipher text and only can be readed as a plain (readable text) with the private key

As Lauren has the private key only she can read the text. If lauren replys back to mitch the same process will repeat for mitch too


Advantage of End to end encryption technology

There are several reason for end to end encryption technology to stand over standard encryption method

1) Keeps data safe and secure: End to end encryption means only few parties has access to read the text (readable).

Among them one is the sender, second one is the receiver and the final one is the server

If somehow server gets hacked or data gets breached still the hacker or attacker can't read the plain text because its already ciphered

To read it they need to decode it with the private key which they don't have with them

2)Its keep your data private: Suppose you have deleted your data from your account still it will be stored on the server but don't worry as no one can read them

Without the private and public keys no one can see what's inside the ciphered text only the real owners of the text can view them

Those are the reasons end to end encryption got so popular and being used by major tech companies

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