El Salvador Set's its first bitcoin atm
El Salvador Set's its first bitcoin atm

Central american country El Salvador sets up its very first bitcoin ATM in the country

Athena bitcoin a bitcoin ATM startup bringing country's very first bitcoin ATM.It will enable buying and selling of digital currency

The ATM will allow users to buy and sell digital crypto currency bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash 

Cafe cocoa shop A coffee shop situated in the La liberated city of the country and countries first bitcoin ATM

The Cafe ATM will allows users and tourists both buy and cash out their crypto into fiat currency

The ATM is being operated by a Chicago based startup Athena which currently operating 100 ATM machines in united states

Anyone can buy crypto currency within 90 seconds with a click from the ATM. 

The Daily limit of bitcoin and other crypto currency buying and selling is $2000 per transaction and $9,900 in one day.


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