Crypto custodian adds xrp for institutions investors
Crypto custodian adds xrp for institutions investors

Ripple ( xrp) the payment currency of ripple remittance network that allows to send cross border payment with lowest fee and fast time.

Ripple is currently ranked 3th in terms of trading volume on crypto data firm coinmarketcap.

Qualified and well known digital asset custodian Anchorage trust has add ripple (xrp) on it's platform

Anchorage claims its custodian service solution is more safer than cold wallet storage.

The custodian also announced benefits of its usability and offerings such as airdrops, staking and trading thru the custody.

According to the co - founder of Anchorage diogo monica xrp support relies on resources those developed and maintained by ripple developer platform xpring.

This also includes ripple open source server that powers up the network the xrp ledger.

The custodial solution for xrp to institutions investors enables from today along will all the custodian service.

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