Brave browser's daily users pass 4 million mark

Brave browser's daily users pass 4 million mark

Crypto currency powdered internet browser brave has been gaining popularity among people faster than any other browser

Recently brave browser has surpassed over 4 million daily active users on its browser and kept on growing day by day

Brendan Eich, Co - founder of brave browser and Former CEO of mozilla firefox recently tweeted about this achievement

The tweet shows that brave browser has reached 12.2 million monthly users and surpassed daily 4 million users mark.

Brave has also seen steady growth in its publishers program. Now over 447,000 publishers are regularly publishing content om brave network.

Half of Brave's publishers operate on YouTube which is around 268,600 is up about 560 % within one year.

Twitter currently has 52,150 publishers and twitch 33,000 both of them are now 330% and 770% up within one year.

Brave is a ad blocking browser that allows users to earn bat tokens for watching users friendly ads thru it

Bat - basic attention token which is the platform currency of brave browser is used to pay the browser user for watching ads.

Brave users can also tip bat tokens to their favorite publishers thru brave browser. This lets users and publishers both earn and enjoy high speed browsing at the same place.


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