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          As I scour the inter-web daily, I tend to come across the most interesting of things.  In a time where NFT's are a dime a dozen on the Blockchains, it's truly hard to stand out and not just be labelled as yet another "Right-Click-&-Save" NFT; when it seems everyone and their grandmothers are now coming out with their own NFT's, from poorly-drawn caricatures being passed off as impressionist art, to stunning 3D renderings of a plethora of things with little to no value other than a monetary value imposed by the masses based on interest.
          As I glanced across the blogs and randomly select topics or photos that catch my eye, I suddenly got a message from family in Asia.  I got a message telling me how a friend of the family had decided to band together their team of computer techs to start a very interesting project on the blockchain and I should talk with them (since I am a degen for crypto after all...).  

           Enter SpiderWeb($ARAC) Network.  As I speak with the family friend briefly at first, I asked to be sent the links (Always DYOR right?) and ask for a brief overview of their project. After a brief explanation and a few general  well wishes, they excused themselves as they had several business meetings regarding the project to attend to (cue my piqued interest...).

           I head over to their website, white papers, socials, with half expectation of just another project with lofty ideals but little to no construct or initial work (having been told it was in its infancy at the time.),  only to find that I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of progress they had made and what the core project really was about.  SpiderWeb ($ARAC) Network was NOT "just another NFT", where as their core project was actually based on building an entirely new network from the ground up!
           Needless to say, I sat down, grabbed some candy and tea for the buzz and linked into their white paper (WhitePaper), to take it a more seriously. 
To make things easier, I will break down the information into 2-3 posts so that it's not so much for one, and we all know that the attention span of the average internet reader is 3-5 minutes so from here on I will give you guys the summarized rundown directly on what I found in this one, which will then be followed by a more in-depth analysis in the following posts.
           SpiderWeb($ARAC) Network "simple-to-use blockchain infrastructure provider, which help clients transfer from the traditional web-based businesses to blockchain-based applications (Dapps) that provide the most secure and cost-effective networks for their services."  The team behind this idea is based in Taiwan, where most, if not all, our computers microchip processors come from; so it would suffice to say that there are some solid big brains behind this project.  
           According to their own Whitepaper, the network is : "built upon proprietary, innovative hardware architecture (aptly named Decentralized Internet Data Center, DIDC), is a blockchain service, parental chain (main chain), with worldwide decentralized nodes and P2P mining nodes distributing capabilities. With our patented one-stop, user-friendly interface, Spiderweb (ARAC) can help businesses make the frictionless transition and integration to the blockchain model with ease. By lowing the technical learning threshold of adoption, our clients are saved from the tedious process of building blockchain architecture from the ground up; while the security concerns that have riddled across so many platforms are also addressed through several integrated processes."
For us muggles, the basic explanation is that they are building a brand new network with proprietary hardware/software architecture which will minimize the need for coding transitioning onto blockchains for traditional businesses, while also implementing a very user-friendly interface which almost anyone can use with little to no coding knowledge!  Not only will they be building an entire network, they will ALSO be building THEIR OWN token exchange/swap, NFT marketplace, Game-FI adaptations, Metaverseand much much more!

          Their platform designed for the blockchain is based on a 3-Tiered model, where the information of each user is protected through SHA256 encryption and IPFS comm. protocols, and integrated AI scrambling of stored data across all their nodes chosen in a RNG method, at indeterminate intervals ensuring a near hacker/attack proof system which will both protect the user and the entire server!
           The creative minds behind the project have developed a brand new consensus mechanism, aptly named "Proof-Of-Use", which according to their paper will be involving " resource sharing and monetary incentives for all users in the ecosystem,"  I'm not going to lie, this was the part that really locked me in.   While their socials and Discord group is generally made up of people from all over Asia currently, they have very active and attentive Admins and Moderators who are fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese, and they host AMAs in both languages (and at requests) being very surprisingly open and honest about their core project, plans, and even down to their costs and pricing structures!

         If you've gotten this far, HERE is where things get interesting! They had devised a system to incorporate some NFT's (think of them as membership passes),  where holders of the coveted "SpiderWeb NFT" will not only have a exclusive pass to "VIP benefits" across the plethora of proposed platforms on the network ( such as their web-wallet, exchanges, game-fi, metaverse, etc) as the project grows, but holders of their additional subsidiary Discord Server  status NFTs (aptly named "OG Tarantula NFT's"), will receive EXTRA bonus benefits, such as shortened unlocking dates of "mined" tokens.

         The HUGE difference
between their NFTs and literally ALL other NFTs is that: SpiderWeb NFTs come with a PHYSICAL MINING NODE sent directly to the investors as soon as they Register/"Reveal" their NFTs on the main site!  Once revealed, the NFTs will RNG to receive a unique NFT out of 1/1000 TOTAL with various attributes.   Much like their "OG Tarantula NFT" collection, which has roughly 80-85/436 rare animated unique cards, there is a chance to get an "Legendary" NFT  with the "SpiderWeb NFT" collection limited to only 20/1000 that will ever be minted.
          While their NFT sale continues through till JULY 15th, 2022, there have been dozens that have taken up the chance to join this very exclusive club that boasts additional benefits for holders of both NFTs that include marketplace/exchange profit sharing.
          While the "Spider Egg" is unrevealed, investors can choose to list them (currently on OpenSea as their market/exchange is set to launch in the coming months) for the hefty sale price of $1700USDC as is, as the value will be retained by the paired PHYSICAL mining node however, once they are revealed the node will no longer be paired with the NFTs as the mining nodes will have been claimed.  Even though the mining node will no longer be paired with a revealed NFT, mining boxes will continue to be sold long after, unlike the NFT sale which ends, ALL REMAINING NFTS WILL BE BURNT; which will create their very limited, exclusive club membership benefits and bolster the value of these NFTs.


         The mining box itself is actually quite a piece of work in itself, with the ability to double as a storage (2TB) as well as a multi-media streaming box, this high functioning miner will come with ALL the proprietary infrastructure needed to kickstart your passive income earning simply by plugging it in and attaching it to your modem! As an investor, the ability to physical own and control your own passive income in this way is unheard of to me, as not only are you entering an exclusive club with various benefits as the platform opens and releases more features, you OWN your mining machine, which is also a node expanding their network, securities, and transaction speeds but you will also be among the first people to mine this Layer 1 token roughly 1 year before the open source of the code and that to me is a heck of a offer!

         This project has so many levels and depth to it, with a potential whose only limit is how far the imagination can go, paired with it's utilization of proprietary infrastructure that will bolster and change with Web3; this project seems like it's definitely worth tossing at least a few coins at to check out.
         I will end this initial introduction post to SpiderWeb($ARAC) Network here, but I will follow up shortly with a more detailed explanation of their inner workings, the core project and it's functions, as well as the passive income (which really is the main thing everyone wants to hear about...) earning method and their NFTs and how they will be traded/used after reveal in my next posts!
         If you like what you read and heard so far and want to read on your own, head over onto their Discord Serverand take a look around, grab one of those NFTs before they run out if you like what you see! You can find all their information provided in the highlighted links above OR I've taken the liberty to list them directly below as well!

Thank you all for your time and I hope you had as much fun learning of this project as I did writing about it, Please feel free to ask any questions below, correct any errors that I may have missed, and most importantly, PLEASE feel free to tip as much (or as little) as you see fit to support my adventures into the crypto world. 

I also have a multi-chain wallet(Polygon/ERC/BSC) set up exclusively for tipping, the address is: 0xb7B4191D13D3Faf858d446E2Eac295faaDbdb7eB

And stay tuned as there is much much more to come for SpiderWeb ($ARAC) Network news and my recent stumble into Crypto Casinos!

I wish you all Great Health, Amazing Fortunes, and above all, Happiness. 

Goodnight, Good Luck,


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