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SpiderWeb ($ARAC) : Another Evolution to the Blockchain and Consensus Mechanisms! Part 2


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Hello again! 
As promised, I am back to continue my findings on the project known as "SpiderWeb ($ARAC) Network " to share with everyone!  Before I begin, I just want to thank you all for the views and positive responses on my last article, they were greatly appreciated and I hope to continue to share great findings here for you all to enjoy so that we may all find that coveted financial freedom we all seek!
           In this post, I will attempt to go into more detail about the briefly mentioned SpiderWeb NFTs , their VIP+ OG CLUB that pairs as a subsidiary NFT aptly named OG Tarantula NFTs , the various tiers of the network, how it all works, and how it all ties into the amazing Passive Income program that they have developed altogether while developing this mainchain, layer 1 network!
           I will try my best to keep it as simplified but concise as I can as there are quite a bit of technical information that they openly share, which are probably not for the technically "challenged" early investors, but I will do my best to break it down so that even the most noob investors looking to toss coin at this amazing project will understand and be confident in their investment if they choose to put money in; so without further ado, lets get down to the brass tacks of the matter then!

Let's start From the top: What is SpiderWeb ($ARAC) Network : In-Depth Guide.

         As previously mentioned in my first intro to the project, SpiderWeb ($ARAC) is a brand new Layer 1 network currently being developed by a team of highly experienced developers in Taiwan (the country that literally makes most of it not all the microchips in the world).  The big brains behind the project noticed that there was a gap between traditional businesses and web based developments, and our ever evolving technological shift onto blockchains and Web3!  The group sought to create a more secure, cost/time efficient platform, that would assist users to transition from those traditional platforms onto the block chain without all the mind-boggling coding required for the average business to traverse through; that would be easily accessed and used while also benefiting even small individual investors like you and I!

To simply put it (TLDR): They are making a mainchain platform that will be easy to use for everyone and anyone looking to transition their "Apps to DApps", all the while saving the average folks like us all the coding work....AND we get passive income by just using their service!


        The core project of SpiderWeb ($ARAC), is the expansion of their network nodes, better known as SpiderWeb Distribution Nodes (SDNs), and their mid tier SpiderWeb Verification Nodes (SVNs). The Network operations can be broken down into a 3 tier process, all of which coordinate in tandem with each other to provide both private and public node resources for all types of blockchain projects, secured by SHA256 encryption, while also being patrolled and monitored by a proprietary AI Learning system that will ensure and safeguard you data on either tiers from intrusions of any kind (DDos or Hacking). 

        From sitting in on a few AMAs in both English AND Mandarin (Yes, I'm multilingual), the security in itself is very interesting as it present a challenge to would be intruders with a form of protection I've yet to see implemented elsewhere (for commercial or common use) at a very affordable level that even the most smallest of private businesses can use! 

The easiest way for me to describe their security protocols without going into crazy technical jargon would be that the AI essentially takes your data, breaks it into 100 fragmented, encrypted packs, and spreads 49% of it across 100 RNG selected nodes within their network, while the bulk 51% gets stored behind multiple fail-safes and walls on the main server of the network. The AI safe guarding these information packets will also move the 100 packets of data at randomly generated intervals, to randomly selected nodes within their entire network, all the while storing them for randomly selected amount of time on each.  SO, in order for a hacker to even get 49% of your data, they would literally have to target 100 specific nodes, break the SHA256 encryption on ALL of them SIMULTANEOUSLY, AND THEN extract ALL the data before the AI notices and scrambles them all again, all within a extremely small time frame because as soon as one node is compromised, the AI will immediately shut it down, and replace it's data within another nearby node!

          Best example I can explain this to the average person: Imagine you are a hunter (hacker) in the woods (on the network) and you see the forest (the network) is teeming with hundred's squirrels (Nodes) with hundreds of sets of coloured bullseyes (100 to a data packet set) on their backs.  Now in order for you to successfully get the squirrels (nodes), with the 100 matching coloured bullseyes (the data), you would have to shoot ALL 100 of them simultaneously, except the squirrels all randomly exchange their bullseyes as they pass each other, and they are all on speed and pure adrenaline injected into them. lol

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     The platform itself, as mentioned before, has plans to create an entire crypto "ecosystem" in which their Layer 1 token $ARAC will thrive upon.  These various features will include a Swap/Exchange, NFT Marketplace (dubbed "Maratus"), a wallet in which various chains will be bridged allowing cross chain exchanges, and of course their core product the "Bark Spider Cloud" where operations on their platform will not only be exponentially increased as their node distribution grows, but also cost reducing as well regardless of traffic compared to standard traditional webhosting fees!
      With such lucrative savings and potentially compounding passive profits, it's going to be interesting to watch this platform grow into fruition!
There are many more features of the cure project itself that would take far more than a couple paragraphs to lay out, so to save you all the time of scrolling, I will link their whitepaper so that those of you interested can freely take your time to browse through!

Now onto the Passive Income portion of SpiderWeb ($ARAC) NFTs: What are they and how will they benefit you?
         After my initial search of these NFTs, I was engaged to find out more.  So within their server and their project, there will be 2 sets of NFTs, both of which will have extremely limited runs, one of which previously mentioned (OG Tarantula NFTs) have already ended.  The OG Tarantula NFTs were a special server status set that had an initial limit of 500 TOTAL, with only 80-85/500 being special limited, animated gif NFTs but all existing NFTs that were left unclaimed were burnt to ensure its exclusivity in the future, as well as keeping the value and rarity high as they bring about benefits when paired to the SpiderWeb NFTs, which I will explain right away.

         The SpiderWeb NFTs are also a very limited set.  The NFTs are currently on sale ONLY UNTIL JULY 15th, 2022, and there will ONLY ever be 1000 or less made.  I say "or less" because just like the OG Tarantula NFTs, ALL remaining NFT's that are unsold/unclaimed by the END OF JULY 15th WILL BE BURNT,  thus creating the exclusivity, scarcity, and high value of them and special access to future planned benefits for those who hold both!  As with the OG Tarantula NFTs, there will be very limited set, within the SpiderWeb NFTs with ONLY 20/1000 that are special, that of which I have yet to see from the minted and revealed so far!

         The NFTs do not come cheap at a price of $1700 USDC, the reason behind this is that they come with a PHYSICAL MINING BOX/NODE which will be sent free of charge to any user that decides to "reveal" them after purchasing!  Originally the plan was for the minting to be done in ETH, but to ease the burden for investors with the market fluctuating as it is right now, the team wanted to ensure that the value and cost of the machine and NFT would be stable so that anyone interested were not chasing ETH to make up the differences in the market price, so they went with USDC as the coin to use on their ERC20 chain for the purchases.

        As an investor myself, numbers and analysis are the bread and butter for me, and after listening in to a few (surprisingly very open and honest) AMAs on their Discord Server, I found out that unlike most coins tied to a major stable coin (such as USDT/USDC etc for their token value); the way SpiderWeb Network has set up their L1 token of $ARAC, is that they have the value of $ARAC directly corresponds with the number of SDN/SVN units on the market. As such, and with their preventive anti-whale mechanisms embedded within their tokenomics in place, the team calculates that the ROI of their NFT+Mining/Network Node will be only around 6 months, which still gives any investors a solid 6 months MORE of earnings AFTER ROI, before their open source algorithm release for public mining!

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        As pictured above, they do also have their SpiderWeb Verification Nodes (aka "SVN" Tier 2 Node) available for purchase from companies who wish to transition to the blockchain, the purchase of these would require direct inquiry with the CEO/Founder, or their marketing team through their discord or email contacts found on their main website. These SVN Network/Mining Nodes are obviously of higher quality, capacity, and would also mine at an exponentially increased rate, which has been accounted for in their tokenomic charts.

        With regards to their NFTs, they are currently available to view on OpenSea as listed many times above, with only the OG Tarantual NFTs having a few, even the rare animated ones available for purchase from some who won their server label/NFT, but at the current moment of writing, there are no SpiderWeb NFTs available for purchase and that speaks volumes to the investors belief in the potentials as well as the lucrative benefits that come with them; such benefits will include an earlier mined token unlocking date, exclusive future swag/events, as well as profit share % of their overall NFT Market/Exchange! 
        There are currently limits to per/account how many NFT+Network/Mining Nodes you may purchase currently, but after the end of the sale on 
JULY 15th, 2022 (the burning of all remaining NFTs), there will be no limits as to how many Mining/Network Nodes you may purchase from their company. In fact, if you wish, they also support the opportunity to open "mining centers" and will also provide technical/structural assistance to anyone who wishes to mass purchase the nodes as a server base (with mining passive operations as a bonus) for their businesses!
         Overall, there is just so much more to this project and it's potentials that I would definitely suggest taking a look at if you have a spare 10-15 minutes to run through their White Paper and the CEO/Founder is more than open for communications right on their discord, and will also provide their VC (Venture Capitalist) pitch to further read into the technical information if requested!  

          As stated in the Part-1 Introduction to SpiderWeb ($ARAC) Network article, in a time where dozens of new projects come out daily with grand visions and lofty ideals/promises, I find myself absolutely refreshed by the open nature of this project, it's administration, and especially of their CEO/Founder and Dev team answering any and all questions presented to them with honesty, sourced calculations that were open to anyone to use to back up their claims, and their willingness to evolve with their community suggestions as their project grows.

         You don't have to take my word for it, ALWAYS follow the cardinal rule of DYOR, so if anything in these articles have drawn your curiosity and interest, head on over to their discord server or their website and have a look for yourselves! You won't be disappointed!

         As Always, Thank You VERY Much for taking the time to read, briefly glance, or even use this article to collect your 80% tips (it's ok, we all do it sometimes lol), Do leave a message or comment if there is anything you would like answered below, I'm always open to constructive criticism, and last but not least, Please take the 2 seconds to leave a tip, even if not for me but for yourself! These adventures of mine into projects are on my own time (and dime) and anything helps as I do always take the risk to initially test any platform before I write about them so that you won't have to!  
          If you feel the generous urge, I also have a multi-chain wallet(Polygon/ERC/BSC) set up exclusively for tipping which can be found here: 0xb7B4191D13D3Faf858d446E2Eac295faaDbdb7eB

I wish you all Great Health, Amazing Fortunes, and above all, Happiness. 

Goodnight and Good Luck on the Markets,


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