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~An Introduction and Insight to my blog~

Welcome and Thank you all for taking the time to check in on my very FIRST posting as a blogger on this site!

As with all new beginnings, I figured it would only be right to give an introduction before I dive into a plethora of topics, most of which I rabbit-holed into, losing time, money, sleep, and consciousness.... 

I am a long time user of Publish0x, and have been on/off this site both collecting my daily tips (I tip 60-40% sorry guys...), as well as learning of all things crypto through the many  many articles here; all the while,  I explore the plethora of platforms and topics that have come up during my research and investing across a variety both regular markets and cryptocurrency!
Its taken me a while to finally decide to contribute to this site, after seeing so many forums and blogs, but I'm finally committing to this adventure and I will do my best to share with you all my ups AND downs (lots of those....) as you follow along my journey into what was once a niche group, but now have developed into the world wide phenomenon that we now know as : Cryptocurrency.
With all that said, I hope you will follow my blogs as I will attempt to share EVERYTHING I have learned thus far, and continue to learn or find interesting' there will be topics ranging anywhere from new crypto platforms, how-to guides', how I have set up a very steady passive income from very little, and a variety of other topics in relation such as crypto gambling, taxation and legality issues (maybe some "grey area" stuff....) and all the fun things between!

Although it will be my first post here, it's not my first blogging adventure, but bear with me, it's been a while and I will definitely make some mistakes, so if you do spot any, give me a shout below, point them out in the comments, laugh at it, and by all means, do share your insights on how to correct them' as I am always open to constructive criticism and ready to learn! I will try to keep my blogs and postings of each separate as I figure out the format here but do give a follow if these are things that will interest you! 
Throughout my posts you may find referral, sourcing, and other types of links to everything I will be posting about to help anyone on their way, most of which I painstakingly tested at the risk of my own finances so that I can ensure you all will not be tricked into malicious content or use something that will not benefit you as a investor, even without referrals!
As my blog grows, you will see more and more links and I promise that they will all be tested first so take the time to check them out, please be kind, and help a brother-from-another-mother out by sending me a tip to assist me on my journey as I venture more and explore these platforms to find mistakes and what works (or doesn't) so you don't waste your money!
Thank you all once again for taking a look at my post, and stay tuned as I have a good handful of articles that I've already looked into sharing with you all very shortly!


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Crypto News and Other interesting Finds!
Crypto News and Other interesting Finds!

In this blog, you will find my highlights to crypto platforms, their uses, sometimes a guide on how to get the best out of them and other interesting finds I come across in my adventure across the Crypto-verse. I hope these posts will guide & assist you from not making the same mistakes I did, on your journey into Cryptocurrency! These posts are my own, Unpaid (T.T), opinions so feel free to tip as you see fit to help me on my journey! Thank you for your time, I wish you all luck & financial freedom!

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