DOT should be new Token for Publish0x!

DOT should be new Token for Publish0x!

By eltoro0x | Crypto - my view | 30 Jun 2021

DOT should be new Token for Publish0x!

Polkadot is one the best project out there, with a great future and a HUUUGE potential.

I recently wrote an article asking at the community what are they preference and many (like me) suggested DOT!

You can find the article here.

Polkadot has a big market cap, and you can find in many cryptocurrency exchange and especially you can find it on Kucoin!

Another positive thing of DOT is that you can stake it!

On Kucoin  you can stake it with a 14,68% Reference Annual Yield (for now, the rate updates now and then), the minimum to stake is only 1 DOT.

You can stake it in other websites too, but for Publish0x users Kucoin = $.

Another plus of DOT is the transfer fees are pretty low. Right now are 0,02 DOT, so you it would be cheaper also for Publish0x to send it around. 

Okay of course there are cheaper option as transfer fees, but 0,02 compare to other Big Market Cap I think is a good deal.

If you want to know more about the importance of DOT, you can DO iT --> here.

And in DOT you have the security of less volatility because is a big market cap with a great team behind, so you will be more confident than with IFARM.

Another add are the transaction speed, way higher than other coins.

On the DOT page of Publish0x the project is well explained too (here).

So there are so many pros on using DOT as next token



There are many other options, what are your ideas? 

Comment Below or write an article about it!

Also the Emperor wants DOT.


DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before investing your money.

PS: I’m not a financial advisor, never invest all your money in crypto


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