Did Mark Cuban get rugged or not?

Did Mark Cuban get rugged or not?

By eltoro0x | Crypto - my view | 17 Jun 2021

Did Mark Cuban get rugged or not?


Mark Cuban invested something like 8 Million dollars in IRON Titanium Token and the price went from 52$ to nothing (almost) in a matter of hours.



You can see here the price chart.

Mark Cuban replied that: 

He said that he got out, but it looks very weird.

The truth is he probably didn't research enough and invested in this new DeFi project and he got rug pulled.

It happens, too many times.

IRON Finance didn't explain what happen yet.

These are the last tweets:

Maybe they will never explain, we'll see.


Do Your own research.

If he got scammed, everyone can. 

You have to be smart with your money, especially whit Crypto.

To us 8 Million $ is a lot of money, for him it's nothing. Mark Cuban Net Worth is around 4 Billion.

He'll survive.

The sad truth is there are more than 10,000 Crypto out there, and some are scams. 

Just be careful.

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Crypto - my view

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