CryptoEMC & Cheds Trading

CryptoEMC & Cheds Trading

By eltoro0x | Crypto - my view | 3 Dec 2021

CryptoEMC & Cheds Trading


One of the reality of the crypto world is definitely YouTube.

The truth is when retail investors jump in the market, there are 2 o 3 places where they try to understand something about the Crypto world:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Reddit

YouTube is the most easy to access and everybody can use it.

There are many YouTube channels out there talking about crypto.

Most of them have a feel good sentiment, a positive attitude towards the market (also during bearish diversion etc.) and crazy titles (e.g. BITCOIN TO 20 MILLION!!!!).

Lately I've been watching 2 channels and they don't BS you.


CryptoEMC is a new channel (1 month old), but it's a very good one, good calls (in bearish and bullish side) and with a dynamic duo (yes they are still trying to figure things out about the channel, but if you don't care about it and you care about a straight forward content this channel is for you).  


Cheds Trading is a relative old channel, and @BigCheds is a master. He's trying to teach (for free) his book (Trading Wisdom). His calls are very accurate and he is not here to sweet up your trades. He reads it and he explains his view (very accurate but he admits his mistakes too). His channel is more than that and its content is as good as it gets.    


If you have some time to spare, watch some videos of both channels and I hope it was worth it.      


PS: I’m not a financial advisor, never invest all your money in crypto, to have a stop loss is very important!


DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before investing your money.


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Crypto - my view
Crypto - my view

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