Research shows 200+ Million Crypto Users - Exponential Growth Incoming? Research shows 200+ Million Crypto Users - Exponential Growth Incoming?

By eltoro0x | Crypto - my view | 30 Jul 2021 Research shows 200+ Million Crypto Users

bd94e20f1e374586b00364a79b25dd56f486c22498fd602620171fa5bbe7391b.png published this research reporting that worldwide there are 200+ million Crypto users.


I don't think that's the real number, I think that's the number of active Crypto accounts because most of Crypto users have multiple accounts so the number could be much lower.

I personally have 6 accounts, and probably most of us have from 5 to 10 accounts in different websites and whatnot.

The positive thing about this research is that shows this number more than double since the beginning of the year (thanks to the previous bull run and meme coin hype), but there is a difference with the bull run of 2017: the number didn't stop to grow after the end (?) of the bull run.

This shows that the potential is still huge and we are still pretty early in the game.

If the number of accounts keep growing that means just one thing: we are on the right path!

We should keep in mind that in the world there are 7.8+ billion people, and not all of them, of course, have internet access or money to invest but the exponential growth is still very high.

For example let's take the exponential growth in traffic on the Internet:


It's just crazy how fast it was, and nowadays for everyone internet access is essential.

So if Crypto is going in the same path, we will see a huge flow of cash incoming (maybe not right now but in the next 4-10 years).

Nothing is certain and nobody has a crystal ball to see the future so please be careful with your money (don't FOMO in).


Invest in project that will be here in the next 5-10 years, don't waste your money in s**t coins.


PS: I’m not a financial advisor, never invest all your money in crypto, to have a stop loss is very important!

DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before investing your money.



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