Coinbase Pro accepting FARM & more!

Coinbase Pro accepting FARM & more!

By eltoro0x | Crypto - my view | 27 Jul 2021


Coinbase Pro accepting FARM!

I was looking at twitter and I was in shock:

Recently we all saw the nice pump that FARM had, but I wasn't expecting this!

This a great news for us!

FARM being on Coinbase Pro is a great news, and soon it will be available on Coinbase!

If you are hodler, you won!

And the price is going up!

Let's celebrate!

In the meanwhile somebody bought 1 Billion $ worth of BITCOIN!

Nobody announced yet, so it's still unclear who or which entity bought it, but somebody did!

I couldn't find it on @whale_alert but a lot of Youtubers are talking about it, and if you have the subscription on CryptoQuant you can see it in the BTC All Exchanges inflow chart!

Although there are many BTC movements lately:

So the secret of the game is always one:


In the meanwhile longs and shorts (BTC) are being liquidated and squeezed! (so avoid this!)


Leverage is not good at all.

Amazon is looking into the blockchain word, and if they enter in the game we know what that means!

I posted a little article about it (you can find it here).

Maybe it was Amazon that bought all those BTC! (We don't know yet).

Anyway let's wait and see!

BTC is still the king!


PS: I’m not a financial advisor, never invest all your money in crypto, to have a stop loss is very important!

DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before investing your money.



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Crypto - my view
Crypto - my view

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