BTC Market

BTC Market

By eltoro0x | Crypto - my view | 11 Jun 2021


There is a lot of FUD and market manipulation on BTC.

The market has been a bit weak lately.

The FUD won't stop because they don't want to lose power.

BTC is in a clear path, if BTC goes up to the 40k range we know is good news.

If BTC goes down 30-25k that's dangerous, that's the dangerous zone.

This weekend we will understand a bit better if BTC can resist this tough market.

In the meanwhile the USD is in a big crisis.

The inflation is super high.


Country like Philippines and Poland are doing better than the U.S..

It's just crazy and the future looks bad for USD.

Big institutions knows the BTC is a better investment than the U.S. Dollar.

HODL that's the secret. 

Take this weekend off.




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Crypto - my view
Crypto - my view

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