Crypto Memes Of The Week 29/03 - 04/04

Hi Guys, Welcome to first edition of crypto memes of the week!

Without further ado: Number 5 "Safe" Safe   Number 4 "Relatable" Ethereum   Number 3 "NFT Boom" NFT   Number 2 I don't know why, but this always gets me Dump it   Number 1. And the winner of this week is, "Uniswap failure to reduce gas fees" 5e41b7c570b02f2fd06ee31e82378f2494f6e39101112bd678f543a5cb4b3310.png   Let me guys know, what do you think of this new format in the comments, and I wish you all diamond hands! 4705b60d961b4d6063e355542177b19dcc318e71aee2343171d282d6a3b6dc03.jpg

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Crypto Memes Of The Week
Crypto Memes Of The Week

A selection of the most sophisticated art form of the 21st century - memes.

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