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Part 2 - 5 Ordinary Ways to Earn Money Online in 2023 ( No Investment Required)

By Ahmiey | Crypto Mandys | 3 Mar 2023

If you are always looking for new and more profitable ways of making serious money online then this post is for you. Many thanks to the advancement of technology, there's now more ways to make money online than ever before - investment and non investment. Today the focus rests on non-investment ways.

1. Join an Affiliate Marketing Program 

There's quite a number of reputable affiliate marketing companies you can try out there. Affiliate marketing simply means you join a company in marketing their products or services and you get paid in commission. The beauty of affiliate marketing is you don't have to do much once you are established in the niche. The companies give you all the marketing materials and tips on how to wreck in lots of commission all for free. All you have to do is select the product you would like sell and advertise. You can post on Tik Tok,  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, all the posts you make will have a referral link for commission allocation. There's no limit to how much money you can make, it all depends on your marketing strategies and the coverage you have. Some affliate marketing sites you can check out include Clickwork and CoinPayU.


2.Start a YouTube Channel 

This is one of the most popular ways to make money online. As popular as it is, many people fail to make money from YouTube because at the beginning it seems like a waste of time but all it takes is consistency. And be warned starting a YouTube channel is not one of those get money quick kind of gigs. It takes time growing the channel, meeting the monetization requirements and finally start earning. This may take a while and how fast you start to earn depends on how much work you put in. You do not need to invest any money to start a YouTube channel. If you already have a Google account you just have to put a channel name and start creating videos and uploading them on the site. You can even use your smartphone to film or create videos to upload. Remember, YOUTUBE REQUIRES, LOTS OF EFFORT,  HARDWORK AND COMMITMENT before you can start earning.


3. Teach English 

If you're a good English speaker and you have got some University qualification taught in English then you certainly qualify to teach English online. All you have to do is find those sites with higher TrustPilot ratings and apply to teach English to their clients. Depending on the site, how long you have been working with them and the ratings the students give you , you can earn as much as $5 per 15 - 30 minute lesson. All you need is a laptop and super fast internet connection as most of the lessons are taught via video.


4. Be an Online Tutor

If you have a subject that you really are good at, then you should consider joining an online tutoring site. This one might require you to have a qualification specifically related to the subject you wanna teach so you will need some kind of documentation to testify your expertise. How much you can make on this one depends on much free time you have and the quality of your work. 


5. Make reels on Facebook 

Facebook will pay you immensely for driving traffic to and keeping people on their site by making videos and doing Facebook live shows. With this one you might need to invest a bit of money in advertising your page but you do not necessarily have to do that. Inorder for you to qualify for Facebook monetization you have to reach a certain number of followers and upload original content. That's all. But this one might take sometime to bring in big figures as how much money you make depends on the reach you have on the site hence the need to advertise. 




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