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My Own Crypto Currency

By Maria Jeena | Crypto Lord | 8 Aug 2021


     After coming across so many Crypto's every day whether Stable or Unstable Coin's. I thought to produce my own Crypto's for the first time in my Life. It was an Exciting Adventure for me. First of all I needed the Blue Print for this. How to proceed and Indeed gained knowledge toward's BlockChain for the First Time in my Life. Which made me very Happy and Satisfied.

     I Felt my Dream Became True with this Innovative Project. The First and Foremost thing was to find a name and I thought "Star" was favourable for this Project. Because Star's Shine Brightly in the Sky and I wanted My Crypto's to shine brighter than other's and have More Value than other's.

     First of all Let us Understand What is Crypto?. Infact is a Digital form of currency for all the services like a Fiat Currency. The only major difference is that Crypto's exist Digitally and is available online for it's users. It is secured by Cryptography. BlockChain Developer's create's Algo Block. Which are later verified by many Network's through a Secured Cryptography. So that only the Authorised user's can Read, Write and do the Necessary Modifications.

My Crypto

     The Main advantage of Crypto is that it is Decentralized. So that all the Smart Contract's Complied need not be Verified by the same user. So that anyone who is Authorised in the BlockChain is able to do so.

     Producing New Crypto's is no Longer than a Uphill Task. It's just like building a new army for the Entire Nation. Where you have draft from the scratch considering the external challanges.

     Let us assume that we have created our own Crypto Currency, Challanges would be to convert it into Stable Coin. It may depend on a Lot of Factos's such as the Demand and Supply. I mean to say how people start using your currency and how does it's value increase over a Period of Time and it's usage in Day Today Financial Transactions. Whether people are convinced to use this new Crypto Currency. The more they use. The more value increased. The Higher the Exchange Rate.

     If you take up the Current Market there are many crypto's existing side by side. But No one knows which will be the Best Stable Coin in the Near Future. Only Time Factor would let us know as we move ahead. But one thing for sure is that Higher the Circulation. Greater the Value!!!!.


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