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By Maria Jeena | Crypto Lord | 25 Jul 2021


     This has been my Long Term Dream Since it's better than taking a Risk Towards Investments. Because through Investment is a one time activity if Lost it's Pain Taking effort to generate again.

     But that may not be the case in Mining because you can re-produce once again even if you have judged it wrongly. This was not the case since ages till the beginning of this Century Mining and Minting or Issuring currencies was the sole responsibility of the respective Government's and administration.

     In Today's World even any individual can produce crypto currencies and covert it to Fiat currencies. Then even if possible they can also trade in the relevent Exchanges like Modern Stocks and take the advantage of the fluctuvating market conditions and prices.

     As a beginner you may be confused to Mine Which Crypto to mine Further. The basic Hint would be to go after the one which is attached to reputable Cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. Which is easily fond on any stock exchanges and wallets or mine the tokens associated with them in the form of Smart Contracts.

My Mining

     Now a days even crypto's occupy a major part of the online payment systems which is a biggest advantage for its users. We can store cryptos with the respective Wallets and make use of it.

     There are a number of Trading Platform's associated for storing, purchasing and Trading of crypto's. Some of the are Local Bit Coins.Com, Coin Base, Okex and Block Chain to name quite a few of them and Periodically there are Air Drop's available on some of these Platform's to boost the morale of it's users.

     Mining crypto's gives you immense satisfaction like as though you own Huge Wealth and Assets when compare to any other Billiionaire around the world. It makes you forget all the worries and botherings, when you start mining cryptos, when compared to Fiat Currencies.

     Because in today's world you need Wealth for Most of the Things. You Work for Money, You Live for Money and You die for Money. What's Best if you can produce the same. Indeed you will feel it once you start mining crypto's.

     Mining is the Term Associated with precious Metal's such as Gold and other valuable Metal's. So if you Installed good mining machines you can mine Oceans of Crypto's. But some of them you can also Mine on you Android Device and PC.


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