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By Maria Jeena | Crypto Lord | 19 Jul 2021


 Reflexer or Rfx the mini Crypto Currency was available to any user through Playstore on any android devices for mining these tokens. And after downloading this unique app I wondered whether it was not a dream. But as I started working on it I began to realise that it was indeed Genuine.

Many Amateurs who had a big dream of mining Crypto felt that their dream has come to a reality and could beleive that they were indeed this valuable crypto currency. At the beginning although it started as a fun but as time passed by it became the job of the Day.

No one really knew that this little value crypto currency which generates mini income to its users is infact not Fake!  But indeed Genuine and would continue to exists for ages to come. Although it is known fact that spam always provides huge income opportunity without any Returns.

RFX was also launched on a Social Rewarding App known as Reflexer. People began to use and enjoy it without bothering for Earning RFX because it was much user friendly. In the mean time the Company also launched "Reflex Space Hunting" to boost morale of the Users!!!

On the whole the group is struggling a lot with it's new innovative ideas and plans even though their Trading Partner Abit with whom they had a lot of faith and trust left them Mid Way after a long unsuccessfull partnership. The Day is not far away when this mini child RFX would infact compete with other leading Cryptos!!!!!

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