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By Maria Jeena | Crypto Lord | 20 Jul 2021


     Block Chain for Cryptos.

     It was for the First Time that I was Looking for a Digital Income and I came across the concept of Block Chain. In the mean time I received a call from a London Based Miner Mr. Vincy. The Call made us very friendly and I came to know the concept of Block Chain for the First Time in My Life.

He was imagining me as an Investor rather it made me more auspicious to believe in the concept for the First Time when I Learnt about it was quite strange to me.!

But Still as per Vincy Instructions I downloaded the Block Chain Wallet on My Android Device with a hope of generating some potential Income. Rather than fully understanding how it generates over a period of time.

 As I began to Login to this New Wallet for the first time in my life. I very much liked it's user interface with good gestures and links available within it, which made me realise that huge potential income was on my way!!!!

     There was one Link which was my favourite of all the time and it was for the Air Drop Program, which I liked very much with the Anticipation of earning cryptos.

My Excitement made me to contact the customer support of Block Chain to know when these amazing Air Drop Program would be launched and they politely convinced me that they would keep me updated whenever it was to be initiated. This was my first and unforgettable Crypto Experience although instead of Investing or Mining, I Learned a lot about Crypto Currencies which further enhanched my knowledge about this new Concept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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