What is your Biggest Mistake or Regret?

By CryptoAnon4 | Crypto Life! | 17 Jun 2019

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Everyone makes bad investment decisions at times but maybe we can actually learn from each other! Think about a time since you have been in this market where you wish you had done something different.

Did you lose coins sending them to the wrong address?

Did you make a poor investment?

Did you lose access to a wallet?

Did you buy high and sell low?

Did you FOMO at the wrong time?

Did you ignore advice that you wish you hadn’t?

Personally for me, my biggest regret was not asking questions. When I kept hearing about Bitcoin in 2017 and the price was starting to rise, I was very interested… but I thought that you had to buy a whole Bitcoin! A friend of mine went on and on every day and I was just thinking to myself, man it would be nice if I just has $6K to drop like that… but I don’t. All I had to do was inquire further. If I did, I would have gotten in the market sooner! It wasn’t until it hit $20K that I FINALLY asked and realized how much I missed out on… so I started my crypto journey at the worst possible moment. I have since learned to do more research (with reason).

What is your Biggest Mistake or Regret?

Let’s commiserate together and maybe someone new to the market can learn from our mistakes!


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