Overview of DEXToken

Overview of DEXToken

By Marmando | Crypto Leap Advantage | 15 Oct 2020

This picture is for the #DEXTokenDeFined writing contest! Have a beautiful day and all the rest here!


My crypto, my story
So to start this I want to talk a little about myself and how I got into crypto, I also want to thank the Dextokens team for announcing this competition!
So to make a long story short this is my journey:

My cryptocurrency story began in 2015 when I was in a bad financial position... my roommate In college announced something called "Bitcoin trading". 

- humm, what exactly is that? 
- It is a wonderful way of making money! 

Two weeks later I had 200usd in profit!!! 

For me it was a lot of money back then XD, I was in love with cryptocurrency and since then I have discovered a lot of interesting projects, like Kyber Network, Bat, Chainlink, and right now the DEXToken!

What is DEXtoken? Why I strongly believe in it!

  • Just take a look at the technology that the token grants!
  • They are using something called speculative AMM and in my opinion, it sounds very interesting.
  • The goal with the DEXtoken protocol is to approximately calculate the ideal price for the token

    I will (MAYBE) invest in this because...
    A very common goal with all cryptocurrencies (besides MLM scams) is that the creators have something unique that is worthwhile to the future. 
    But with this token, I did get a feeling that they are very natural in that question and that's is something I find very positive like they say in the southern music "you can't have a dream unless you have a dream" and their goal is to show with results not just by talking. 
    I will invest in this because I find the AMM technology very interesting and I think it can offer a lot of value to the blockchain rampaging in society. 

My personal response/tips to DEXtoken: 
I am really not a cryptocurrency expert by any means, but I have a lot of tips and tricks that I think could improve this kind of project. 

1. Build a strong community
I would highly recommend you to build a strong community with people that really believe in your token, so how do you build a strong community? 
A good way is to have airdrops sometimes! Make a to-do list for example. 
Follow our telegram group 
Share it with 5 people 
And maybe as a reward, they will get a few of your token :)
Another great method is to use 4chan! For example, have coins like chainlink built a fantastic fanbase there and some even believe it is the new bitcoin XD

2. Focus on the few, not the many
What makes this token so unique from others? Why should I invest in it? 
These a very good question to ask yourself, "because if you have a really good explanation it is a lot of sheep that automatically will follow you".

3. Do everything to Normalize the coin
It can sound a little bit sketchy but do everything to normalize the coin because this is a problem that needs to be done.
This is still a problem in the crypto community, bitcoin is only normalized on the dark web you can go to a store and pay for groceries with the currency. 
So the next big step is to make a cryptocurrency that you can use in real life. 

4. Have a special feature 
A special feature could be a theme or a niche that the cryptocurrency is extra useful on, for example, do I personally think that the DEXToken has a lot of potential in the real estate market because they are in need of a blockchain-based currency. 

5. Look at the big picture
I have look at your website and is nothing who explains what you want to accomplish with this token... Have a big reason why I should invest! Not some nerd talk like "the blockchain is v.2 wrapper", say something like "we will fight day and night to make this reach its potential!". 



Young cryptocurrency investor with one big goal! To become financially independent before 25 years old. Follow my journey: https://linkly.co/marmando

Crypto Leap Advantage
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