Ripple price perdiction

By nzflyer | CRYPTO KING | 6 Jan 2020

Hello everyone hope you had a great year what will happen to Ripple this year 2020 with slumps to $ 0.18 USD per coin XRP back in Dec 2019 now have slight gains since then to $ 0.19 USD per coin are we starting to see a trend for the bull run for Ripple if people start putting in cash for this coin what sort of returns  would they get if they exit out

end of 2020 $ 1.20 USD er coin

end of 2021 $ 2.00 USD per coin

end of 2023 $ 4.52 USD per coin

end of 2030 might reach $ 17.00 USD per coin

 This is only a perdictoin only but who knows


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