Yeet Coin - The New Meme Coin On The Cardano Blockchain

By KryptoKan | Crypto Journey Kan | 15 Sep 2023


YEET is a meme coin on the Cardano Blockchain dedicated to the community, It launched on the 15th of August 2023.

If you are into meme coins and are feeling adventurous, have a feel of a meme coin on the Cardano network, the current MC is around $8000+ USD
with 50 holders.

Soon their NFTs will be releasing and I am personally interested in what they are like, furthermore I am curious about the secret announcement.


Another thing I would like to mention about this meme coin is that there is no fake hype, we've been in those projects where they have comment bots or X-Rated accounts keeping the conversation going in their chats, YEET seems to have organic growth and flow.

This article is not for financial advice, however I will share the official links so you can take a look at it yourself.

Taptools Chart



  • Launch our Twitter 

  • Launch our token

  • Complete token economics

  • Complete the roadmap

  • Launch our website

  • Launch our discord 

  • Create our link tree

  • Add our socials on Tap Tools

  • Get verified on Muesli

  • Submit to the Cardano Registry

  • Get verified on Minswap

  • Launch our NFTs with YEET coin airdrops

  • Secret announcement

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