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Will The Latest Meme Coin AKA Pepe 2.0 Take Over The Internet?

By KryptoKan | Crypto Journey Kan | 12 Aug 2023

Have You Heard About Pepe 2.0?


(All Pepe's are frens and family) 

We should all know Shiba Inu by now and the most recent Pepe but there is a new bad boy on the block and it's PEPE2.0, this meme coin was created  with the motive of giving the investors a second chance for the ones that missed Pepe, but here's where it gets interesting.

Pepe 2.0 developers are building the project so it can be useful in real world cases (Somewhat similar to Shiba Inu). They have been listed on multiple Dex's and Cex's since they launched on 28 June 2023 and mind you these exchange's have been loading up on the token so I'm not sure why the average holder isn't, we're at the ATL and this is when we should all be loading up our bags!

If you follow Pepe 2.0's X account you will see they give lots of hints about many things (Giving hints doesn't mean the chart will pump) since they sign a NDA they can't speak about much until it's official settled and the developers still do their best to drop hints only those that can read between the lines will see, they also held a charity event and a rapper made a music video. 

- We Are Buzz - X - Status - Watch it famalam's!

- Pepe 2.0 Official Charity Event X - Click Through!


So the crypto/financial market has dipped hard in the last 1-2 months no doubt people that bought PEPE and/or PEPE2.0 or any coin including Utility token's at the ATH are now at tremendous losses, I don't follow PEPE so I can't say much about what they're doing but glad that they're still around as it does give hopes for Pepe2.0 (Our Second Chance) the Pepe2.0 dev has spoken to the community and has assured that the charts are being manipulated all over the market not just this specific meme coin or token in general and with the community engagement they have and I'm talking about the legit community in their telegram not the bots spamming, It does give me some confidence that this meme coin might be "my second chance" it's just a matter of "Wen?" - Soon - HAHA!

They're also active on twitter and each time they host spaces or anyone from the Pepe 2.0 community hosts a space thousands of people show up!

Watch Pepe 2.0 In This Space

I highly urge you to keep an eye on this and if you can afford (NFA) invest in some and always remember to take profits so you're not fudding your own bags when it's down for some time.

This isn't financial or meme coin advice since there are thousands of meme coins out there on the chain I'm not a Maxi in any shape or form but I feel like this could be the next meme coin to take the internet by storm, due to it's nature and colour and more will be known once the developer reveals what they have been working on. Who doesn't love a Golden Frog?

Pepe2.0 has been giving green signals over the past week and it looks like the reversal may have started, I can't be for certain ofcourse. Keep in mind there has always a pump for a week or two some projects did huge numbers such as "Pepe" and then more downtrend for 1-2 months in crypto since 2023 started. Seeing Pepe 2.0 stick around during the market being smashed gives me a lot of confidence this project is getting primed to do it's thing in the next bull run.

If you do or don't invest in Pepe2.0 I still ask for some feedback and tell share with us what you think could happen with this token, will it pump to all new time highs, pump to the previous ATH and flop for good or will it never recover and consolidate for when the mega bullrun comes around, if the developer can make the project last that long? Another other possibilities in the current markets circumstances?


(Will Pepe 2.0 Shoot To 1B or 2B MC?)

What caused the meme coin craze?

Can someone explain to me where this meme coin craze came from, I know Doge and ShibaInu sparked it but what brought them?


(Hold The Line Pepe's We're Almost There!)

What Do You Think Will Happen Next?

Which CEX will Pepe 2.0 Get Listed On Next?

Connect With Pepe 2.0

Telegram: Telegram Portal

Twitter: Pepe 2 Official Twitter Account

Chart: Pepe 2.0 Official Chart


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