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By KryptoKan | Crypto Journey Kan | 8 Sep 2023

What Is NMKR?

Do you have art that you want to sell but the ETH gas fees are too high, look no further, NMKR is a project that launched in 2021 on the Cardano Blockchain, with low gas fees, great security and safety procedures and an active community you will go a long way by launching your NFTs on the NMKR platform.

The NMKR mission is to build tools and easy to use applications that help artists, brands and developers to leverage the benefits of blockchain and NFT technology. The NMKR team is based in Central Europe but working 100% remote from all around the world and seek to create an inclusive and innovative work environment.

Martin Lawrence launches NFTs on NMKR


We all know who Martin Lawrence is by now, one of the great actors from the 90's & early 2000's. He has launched his NFTs on the NMKR platform.
 "Martin: The Reunion NFTs" Click the link to find his NFTs.

Launch Your Own NFTs With NMKR

Whether you're planning to launch for yourself, a brand or enterprise you can contact the NMKR for quotes on how much it'll cost and what the procedure will be, free of charge. You can Contact them through this link.


Website: NMKR


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