A Brand New Opportunity For Music Artists Has Arrived On The Blockchain

By KryptoKan | Crypto Journey Kan | 7 Sep 2023

The Music Industry Is Being Revolutionized

Are you an artist that is having a hard time owning most of your rights and trouble keeping most of your earnings from music stores and the record labels you work with? or are you a music enthusiasts that loves to support your favourite artist but would like to also earn a little side cash for helping them by streaming and sharing the news?

I bring to you NEWM - this is a music rights and fractionalization project. Combining Web2 & Web3 bringing you a whole new experience.

A Cardano Blockchain Experience!


NEWM gives artists the benefit owning their creative content, taking control of their funds and tap into your loyal fanbase by fractionalizing and distributing Mechanical IP Rights as NFTs.

On the contrary it gives the audience benefits by allowing them to invest and contribute to certain artists before their music becomes mainstream, receive royalties and have a legal stability of the contract ownership. The artist can also airdrop exclusively to their listeners so it gives a 1 on 1 experience.

NEWM connects creators and collectors through a decentralized market, enabling a community-owned and governed platform.

This is a whole new twist to the music world.

There's a lot more on Artist and Audience benefits and you can learn more about them from their NEWM Whitepaper.


The Tokenomics for NEWM include;

  • %20 Reserve/Treasury
  • %24.5 Community Token Sale
  • %9 Business Development
  • %4 Ambassadors
  • %3 Legal Advisory
  • %19.5 Team
  • %3 Advisory
  • %11 Marketing
  • %6 FISPO

Music Streaming

Decentralized music streaming generates higher and faster royalty payouts per stream for all music owners. Most importantly, NEWM is replacing the middlemen with code that’s not incentivized to act in favor of third parties that take a huge cut of streaming revenue.


They have an app where you can stream, go to the marketplace and keep track of your wallet + more! It's a all in one app and user-friendly.

The Team and Social Media Links

You can find the team and advisors and other social media links towards the bottom of the websites main page.




NEWM Magazine

We all know how the entertainment industry loves their gossip and latest news from all around the world, NEWM has their own magazine platform to keep up with just that.


Record Store

To find which artists you want to follow and support head on over to their Records Store where they have over 27 genres to choose from.

If you're an artist you can apply through their form use their services and control most of your rights and connect with your fans on a more personal level. Artist Forum.

Own Music Rights

You don't have to be a record label or investor to own music rights anymore! Connect directly with artists through music co-ownership and watch the royalties roll in. Why just listen when you can listen and earn?

Get the ultimate experience by being apart of NEWM!

Join The NEWM Experience

There is so much more to come from NEWM, it's the key to revolutionizing the music industry and giving artists more flexibility over their rights and allowing the listeners to contribute and be apart of their experience. If you are a fan of music or an artist give them a look and you never know, you may meet likeminded people or find new opportunities! Thank you so much for reading another article and please share this around with friends and family especially those that have a fascination with the music industry or like to listen/create music for a hobby.

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