The Crypto Prophecies: The worlds cutest price prediction trading game

By ralphcoins | Crypto Journal | 6 Apr 2021

What is Crypto Prophecies?

Your crypto prophets are your secret weapon, summon them, nurture them, and use their magic to overthrow opponents in the fabled Battle Arena. Build your empire of wealth and forge your very own Crypto Prophecy.

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Play to earn

  • Battle for Crypto: Wager your tokens and go head-to-head with other players for a fast paced magical showdown, where the winner makes all the profit.

  • NFT Collectibles: Prophets are rare collectibles that you can customise with magical items to make them even more powerful and rewarding.

  • Win massive rewards: In the Crypto World, riches come from many angles and your Prophet gives you the chance to earn daily, weekly and monthly rewards.

Player vs Player

Take heed of thy Prophets and enter the fabled Battle Arena. Choose your wager and go head-to-head in this zero-sum price prediction trading game. Learn trading candlestick patterns and use your Prophet to predict how each 10 second candle will close, to beat your opponent.

How To Play

  • Summon your prophet: Use magic orbs to summon your Prophet then prepare them for battle by equipping them with powerful weapons.

  • Place your wager: To enter the arena one must first place their wager in tokens before being matched with a worthy opponent to battle.

  • Foresee the candles: Go head-to-head for real-time price predicting action against the clock - faster predictions score more points.

  • Use your magic spells: Strategically use your Prophets magic spells to confuse your opponent and gain the tactical the advantage.

  • Create your prophecy: Crush your opponent in the battle arena to win the total wager and begin creating your very own Crypto Prophecy.

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