An Overview of Holochain (HOT), a Future Blockchain Killer?
Holochain Explained

An Overview of Holochain (HOT), a Future Blockchain Killer?

By Crypto JBro | Crypto JBro | 22 Aug 2020

I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice.

Holochain is a "post-blockchain" platform for distributed apps.  Instead of consensus being achieved by a blockchain proof, random peers validate the history of the user of the dApp.  The Holochain team likes to say they, "push consensus to the edges".  Here's my video overview:

Quick Holochain Overview

Basically, Holochain is a mix of technology that has been around for a little while.  It's sort of like Git and BitTorrent together.  Each hApp (Holochain app) is a separate network in the ecosystem.  They use biology terms for developers, so the rules of the hApp is called "DNA".

If a bad actor tries to act maliciously, their DNA rules will not be validated by the rest of that network and they will be kicked off.

Another buzz term they use is "agent-centric".  This means the history (personal hash chain) of each hApp user is validated by a random sample of peers. Each user has their personal chain that is signed by their private key.  Consensus is not reached through proof of work or stake by the whole network.

This design is trying to solve scalability and speed issues that blockchains have.  An increase in users on the Holochain network actually makes it faster and more resilient.

Right now, the Holochain network is hosted on "Holoports" that have shipped to buyers around the world.  I believe their future goal is to have an app that will allow anyone to share some of their memory to be a host.  Holoport hosts are also earning HOT tokens, aka Holofuel for being a host.


This is a fascinating project with the aims of truly distributed apps, scalability, and privacy.  It puts the user first and the validations make a lot of sense.  

They have had long delays in their production, but seem to be back on track now.  What are your thoughts on Holochain being a "blockchain killer"?

Thanks for reading, Crypto JBro

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