Trading Gold In European Union (With ForTrade)

By Genuine Gemstone | Crypto Informer | 6 Oct 2021

According to Bob Proctor, there are three types of people when it comes to earning money:

  • workers (97%)

  • owners (2%)

  • investors (1%)

97% of the people work to earn money. Unfortunately, the game itself is designed to keep them dependent on their workplaces, therefore, they're not able to allow themselves any unnecessary risks. Those poor souls own no more than 1% of the global money.

2% of the people belong to the "owners" category. They're somewhat higher in the food chain, but still abnormally low when compared with the real owners (investors). In this category, we include owners of small and medium-sized businesses. It might seem as they're successful, even though they own no more than 2% of the global money.

1% of the people have money working for them, and they own 97% of the global money. It is true that most investors are corrupt beyond comprehension, but I believe we might be successful, prosperous, and keep our noses clean, therefore, let me represent you with an opportunity that eased my financial troubles!

This article is an introduction to a series of articles related to trading with precious metals. Keep in mind I chose to trade gold, even though you may choose any other metal, for example, silver and platinum! I prefer being focused to one point, learning everything about it, and eventually becoming a master thereof.

So, I decided to invest my Read.Cash earnings into the "gold market", for two reasons:

  • prices are jumpy, which means there are many opportunities to earn money every day

  • the value of the dollar is decreasing, and the inflation is increasing. The higher the inflation, the higher the value of gold!

There are many companies that you might be cooperating with while trading, but I chose ForTrade, 'cause one of my relatives has been satisfied with their services, fast payments, and transparent business habits.

If you'd like to work with the same company, here is the link:

The registration itself is quite exhausting. They demand a whole lot of documents and verifications, so expect them to ask you for selfies, pictures of bills (to prove your address), etc. It may be annoying but that's what the EU demands, besides, at least we know they're legit and serious.

Once you open a profile, you'll see this:


Don't freak out if your starting page will look a bit different, I've verified all of my documents already, so the starting page has been changed! Yours will change as well, once you complete the verification process.

If you're verified and ready to start trading, press the "start trading". The following page will be opened:


As you can see, I received a 100% bonus, and so will you, or at least you should. I do not know how do they determine what bonus is proper for your account. My relative received 80 Euros, I received 100%, perhaps you'll receive somewhere from 80-100% in addition.

Now, this is the newly created account that I created for articles, so there is no buy-sale history, however, you might click on the profile (top right corner) and select "demo" account if you'd like to train before starting the real sale.

I haven't bought gold with this profile today, 'cause I think the price is currently too high, and it might fall to 1730$ per ounce (at the moment it costs 1755.35$ per ounce).

When you do start trading, DO NOT buy for more than 10% of your equity! That's where my poker knowledge began helping me a lot. There is a thing called "bankroll management", which keeps you safe from all possible downswings.

A professional poker player will not join the table unless he has at least 40x the amount of buy-in aside! A professional gold trader will not buy for more than 2.5-10% of his total balance. My relative got greedy, and started buying too much. He wasted 7000 Euros in 2 days.

A few tips for the new traders:

  • exercise your body

  • meditate

  • stay alert and sober (you have to decide whether you want to be a real "shark" that will end up rich or a "fish" that will end up broke, depressed, and drunk)

I absolutely enjoy trading and exercising. It feels great, 'cause it is great. Another thing that helps is gratitude. Whenever you earn 10 Euros and miss the opportunity to earn 100 more, just remember how many people there are that need to work their behinds off for 10 Euros daily. In India, there are hundreds of millions, working for a few dollars all day long. Every day that you finish with a profit is a good day!

The next article will be written and published once I make the first transaction with this account. See you soon! Happy fishing!


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