The Real Bitcoin - Mesmerizing Abilities, And Power Of BCH Community

The Real Bitcoin - Mesmerizing Abilities, And Power Of BCH Community

By Genuine Gemstone | Crypto Informer | 4 Mar 2021

I posted this article yesterday on my Read.Cash profile:

Since I am new to the crypto world, my opinions and articles regarding coins might be laughable, however, many people said they liked and found this article to be very useful, so I decided to share it with you, crypto experts of Publish0X 😊 I would also like to wholeheartedly thank Sir Underwarrior for his support! It made me feel blessed and highly favored.

Excuse my eventual mistakes, I've been working for the last couple of days as diligently as ants, so my mind lacks energy, however, there is something I'd like to clarify regarding the real Bitcoin, which is BITCOIN CASH.

This might sound funny, but I will compare BTC & BCH to a married couple. BTC is Elena, BCH is John. John is an extremely capable down-to-the-ground laborer who works in silence, can solve any riddle, is able to think and make brilliant decisions instantaneously, doesn't ask for money in return for his favors, and is a privacy-oriented genius. Elena is loved, cherished, nourished, and considered to be a high-class lady even though her core is messy, her mind empty, and her soul painted in black. She doesn't know how to help somebody without issuing a bill, would lose a sprint race against every single snail, however, the people repeated the lie "She is the golden future", which made billions to believe in it. So, John is the source of all admiration Elena is receiving...

Haven't I compared BTC & BCH perfectly? BTC is considered to be the future even though it turned away from the core-set-goal. Transactions are so expensive, even Blockchain.Poker takes a fee of 20% per BTC withdrawal. It dictates the prices of the majority of crypto coins, even though most of them are not connected to the Bitcoin project. As Dan Pena said, and I am asking you to forgive me for the following statement: "There is only one kind of people that believe in Bitcoin, and those are imbe***es.".

Let me briefly point out mesmerizing present abilities of the BCH community, and the future promising projects:

01) My city has a population of over one million, yet, there are NO stores that accept Bitcoin, however, there are 54 shops and restaurants that accept BCH. If you wonder why, the answer might be found in TAXes, or what the crypto world calls FEES. The people are sick and tired of diligent work for rich banks who are getting richer and richer by taking our hard-earned money via taxes and loaning unplayable debts to our corrupt politicians, who purposely are throwing us deeper and deeper into the misery of poverty. The same thing packed in a slightly different box comes in a pack with Bitcoin, that was MEANT to be "the people's money", yet, it became just another banker's possession. I tried to get answers out of the shop and restaurant owners of why do they accept BCH but not BTC, and the answer was clear: because they refuse to give away their money! Civilians have been paying taxes to corrupt bankers for hundreds of years, and the time has come to stop that madness. We do not need fat, and greedy warmongers to control our money!

02) Opportunities: whatever you may think of, the BCH has a solution for it! For instance, you may be wondering if there are social and video censorship-free platforms. You may be sick and tired of being silenced, censored, and continuously marked for your opinions, fears, and attitudes. Well, the BCH has a solution! I found one video censorship-free BCH platform that is paying content creators per view:

, or, you may be interested in starting your own BCH journey, but you lack FIAT money to buy. Worry not, because the BCH has a solution for that. You may join so-called faucets, and earn your own BCHs by clicking, playing, chatting, or blogging. In fact, instead of censoring users what Mark Zuckerberg continuously does, the BCH community is being rewarded for making friends. The following websites are both, the BCH social platforms and faucets:

a) Memo.Cash:

b) Noise.Cash:

c) Blockchain.Poker:

If you are a student or an enthusiastic person who has a brilliant project in mind, but you lack money for the realization and works, you may create BCH-based SLP tokens, exchange them for other crypto coins & tokens, or FIAT currencies! Memo.Cash is a great place to sell your SLP tokens! The creation of SLP tokens costs a few CENTS and is simple enough to be handled even by the people who barely know to turn on computers.

Make your own tokens here:

03) Money Transfers: there are numerous websites and applications that were created for BCH owners to trade and transfer money, but I will name just two of them:

a) PayButton:

b) Iozeta:

04) Shopping with BCH: the easiest way for you to shop with BCH is either to check the Bitcoin Cash map in order to find shops that accept BCH near you, or use some of the online partners of giants, such as Amazon!

Bitcoin cash map:

The following website rewards us with 15% discounts if we shop with BCH on Amazon:

05) Earning with BCH: there are webpages similar to RedBubble and Etsy, where you can offer your products to customers of the entire world, and get paid in BCH. Let me remind you, that BCH is not TAXABLE. You have an opportunity to work and receive a hundred percent of your earnings, without the need to go through unnecessary administrative paperwork, that would cost you both; time and money!

To summarize, Bitcoin Cash is working as the original Bitcoin was meant to work. Just a few years after it first appeared, it has changed the world so drastically that we won't be able to recognize it if we continue to ride this train. Bitcoin Cash is literally melting down all of our obstacles and greedy plans bankers have implemented against our backs. We are becoming financially free, and able to trade with ease, instantly, without taxes. I am by no means an economy-expert, but I know well to spot an opportunity. The deal has to look, sound, and smell good. BCH is what generations have been praying for.

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