Session Messenger - The End Of Censorship and Espionage

By Genuine Gemstone | Crypto Informer | 7 Dec 2021

Countless times Google, Facebook, Twitter, and similar giants have been sued and punished. Nothing much has ever changed, 'cause we (the people) are simply not financially capable of doing anything to teach big-tech a lesson. We had no other platforms or search engines to use, except maybe a few ones, that were suspicious, if not even more suspicious than mentioned criminals.

On the other hand, many outsiders have joined the game, and represented themselves as "pro-people" and "pro-free speech", but they were either shut down due to financial inability to match the competition/rivals, or they simply sold out after a while, took the money, and became a new version of the old problem.

However, technology, even though designed to work against us (the people) is a double-edged sword. This time, that sword is pointed directly towards the big tech and there's nobody except us and perhaps our laziness that can stop it. It's called the Session.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned, which is also uncorrupt, untraceable, p2p, open-source, and serverless. The downside of it is the design, which looks quite old. In fact, it reminds me of Windows 2000. Aside from that, it's perfect. I have no complaints regarding the performance and/or any other branch of its offerings.

In case you're aesthetical, and can't stand anything that looks old and/or undeveloped, I am offering you Session, which is (just as Tox) untraceable, uncorrupt, p2p, open-source and serverless. Not just that, but it also looks great, and is TOR-based. In addition, if you want to be as secure as Pentagon whenever online, use VPN and you'll be 100% secure.

I DO NOT recommend VPNs, 'cause they also might be corrupt. A few weeks ago, most well-known VPNs such as "cyber ghost" have been sold to different names, but all of those people seem to be related to one big tech name (imagine my shock).

If I discover a solid VPN that may be trusted, I'll let you know, however, there is always a chance of a changed direction. Today, that VPN may be pro-people, but money talks... tomorrow, things might be very different!

Here is a link to the Session! See you there ✌🏻😎


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