Create Your Own Website With Bitcoin Cash In 5 Easy Steps

Create Your Own Website With Bitcoin Cash In 5 Easy Steps

By Genuine Gemstone | Crypto Informer | 16 Mar 2021

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last decade, you are aware of the Big Tech's manipulations and systematical violation of the Constitutional laws, of more or less every country. Whenever we disagree with The Big Money League members, we are subscribing ourselves to being ridiculed by AI and Bolshevik trolls, who are intending to discredit our opinions, claims, and beliefs. That can be changed for a few dollars. Well, you may take the following steps and pay for your own website with FIAT currencies, but you can also use your crypto coins (I used BCH) and BUY your "social web" freedoms. I've taken the following steps in order to create my own website, and finally be able to speak out freely, about all topics my heart feels passionate about. THIS IS NOT the only way to pay for your website (domain and server) with crypto coins, but I will guide you through a few steps I have taken in order to create my website.

01) The very first step is the creation of the profile at - you will need it for registration of the domain, and server.



02) The second step is the installation of the BitPay application (NameCheap offers customers to pay for their domains and servers with BitPay, which accepts BCH, BTC, ETH, etc.)



03) The third step is to transfer your funds from BitPay wallet to NameCheap. Open your NameCheap dashboard, and click on "top-up account balance". Select a payment method you'd like to use. There are three offered methods: card payment, PayPal, and BitPay/BTCpay. Select "BitPay" (the third option). 20$ will be enough!



04) The fourth step is to be creative and find a decent domain you'd like to use. Obviously, there are many catchy domains that might cost whole lotta money, but if you are creative enough, you will find a decent domain that will cost you less than 16$ with all add-ons. A basic server (WordPress host) subscription costs 3$ monthly. It gives you 10Gb SSD storage and bandwidth for 50 000 visitors.



05) The fifth step and the final step is to pay for your domain, then the server. Once you paid domain, click on the "Hosting" -> "WordPress hosting", and select an offer you'd like to subscribe to. Unless you are a "celebrity", having the basic package will be enough, at least for the first three months (until your website becomes more popular).

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Once you bought the domain, and the server, the NameCheap's system will automatically transfer you to the WordPress "studio" in which you will be able to edit your website, write articles, and more.

I hope this helps! Cheers 😊

My website:

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