Bitcoin Cash Gives Hope To Ukraine

Bitcoin Cash Gives Hope To Ukraine

By Genuine Gemstone | Crypto Informer | 7 May 2021

When crypto coins (especially Bitcoin) became popular, and the population recognized the importance and benefits of trading with crypto, the government hurried to criminalize the crypto market and crypto payments. Interestingly enough, while politicians were busy criminalizing crypto coins, oligarchs have been buying and storing them. That's why Ukraine these days is richer by more than 2.6 billion U$D in crypto assets.



Those money greedy oligarchs and control needy politicians who pretend to be pro-nation and pro-people are actually pro-their-own-pockets and would sacrifice lives of millions, just to remain in the power for a little while.

Officially, the average pension in Ukraine is 110 USD, but that's far from true, especially in the Eastern part of Ukraine where many people have to survive with LESS than 50$ monthly. An average monthly salary is approximately 200$ in smaller cities and around 300 in Kyiv and Lviv.

A few days ago, the parliament voted for the law that allows foreign companies to buy Ukrainian land, which means poverty-stricken people now have to compete with rich foreign companies to get control over their own soil.

I am not sure how all of that is going to end since the population is getting older. Young and educated people are emigrating, while the elderly are staying and being manipulated and abused by the media and politicians. However, there are some people who are trying to wake up the nation and point out the benefits of crypto coins, Bitcoin Cash to be precise.

I met a few Ukrainians who are diligently writing articles and playing BCH poker. They're earning quite a lot, and investing 50% of their earnings into BCH advertising. Why have they chosen BCH?

Well, there are a couple of reasons:

a) transactions are fee-free and untraceable, therefore, the government can threaten with years and years of jail, but in reality, they can't do much about it, unless the person confesses he/she has been using BCH and refusing to reveal holdings.

b) there are numerous sites, such as Read.Cash, Noise.Cash, Blockchain.Poker who offer people to earn while communicating with their friends, family members, or having fun at poker with total strangers.

c) BCH's potential has been recognized, and many people are aware that Bitcoin Cash is actually the real Bitcoin, so, they're thinking long term, and hoping to see BCH one day rule crypto markets with its authenticity, benefits, availability. For example, Ukrainians and Russians even though are very similar people have two different FIAT currencies, but BCH represents hundreds of millions of people. In fact, everybody, from south Africa over Europe to east Asia and entire America. Everyone has the access to BCH (alright, except North Koreans, my bad). It is the "People's money" that we've been waiting for. There are no privately owned central banks that print unlimited quantities and decreasing the value/power of someone's hard work by doing so.

The Future (Nuclear Powered Mining Rigs)

The oppression won't last forever, and the dictators will fall. Young people who passionately love Ukraine and live for the sake of it made a great plan. Since Ukraine has a surplus of electrical energy that is produced by nuclear power stations, they're aiming for the nationwide mining rigs that would be powered by the surplus of energy. One part of earnings would be invested into renewable sources of energy, while the other part would be invested into infrastructure (that is chaotic), hospitals, and schools.

I hope to meet them in person when I go back to Kyiv. You'll be notified about their honorable plans and ideas!


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