Petition 1112/2021: the survival of the European Union depends on the World Union #SynchronismPhase

By rodese | Crypto ideas | 20 Mar 2022

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Petition data



Title of executive summary: Petition no. 1112/2021, presented by Roberto De Biase, an Italian citizen, in favor of the Rigene Project, on general considerations concerning technology and the improvement of collaboration between countries

Petition number: 1112/2021

Themes: Environment, Justice, Equal opportunities and equality, Fundamental rights, Social affairs

Country: European Union

Name of the association: Rigene Project

Summary of the petition

The petitioner is aware of the serious current problems that threaten the well-being of the entire world population, such as climate change, environmental pollution, carbon footprint, the COVID-19 pandemic and other diseases, poverty, wars, the sharp rise in the cost of raw materials and the related alarming impact on the cost of basic necessities, and hopes that these social concerns will be shared internationally, encouraging concrete collaboration between governments around the world to address and resolve, in peace and united, the serious global crises converging. Solutions emerging through international collaboration and low levels of investment in the digital and green transition are proving ineffective because crises are developing much faster than solutions can be worked out, due to a lack of coordination between people, governments, companies, associations, universities and research institutions. The petitioner declares that ordinary people and scientists around the world are collaborating in an effort to provide institutions and governments with technical documents to launch a web platform which would ensure international collaboration for the development of regenerative solutions needed to address the current crises, through the “Rigene Project” initiative on the site The petitioner therefore invites all governments, individuals, supranational bodies, businesses and associations and individual citizens of the world to participate, in peace and united, in the collective construction of the digital society, and its digital DNA, following the slow process and fragmented digital and environmental transition underway, adapted to the needs of all globally, in harmony with the mechanisms of planet Earth, making use of the eight principles of the solar system.

Dear European Parliament, peoples of the European Union and around the world, we address you with this collectively drafted petition as mere people, aware of the current serious problems that threaten the well-being of all peoples of the world, such as the climate change, environmental pollution, the ecological footprint, the covid-19 pandemic and other diseases, poverty, wars, the uncontrolled increase in the costs of raw materials and the related, alarming consequences on the costs of essential goods, recognizing that the European Parliament represents the highest institution that can help us to bring out our social demands on the international level, favoring the concrete collaborative interaction between all the Governments of the world to face and resolve, united and in peace, the serious and converging global crises cited.

The ecological, social and economic systemic imbalances that these crises entail on a planetary scale are addressed in a fragmented, individualistic, asynchronous and extremely slow way by Governments all over the world, through solutions contemplated in the context of the digital-ecological transition process.

The level of collaboration between peoples, governments, companies, associations, universities, research bodies, etc. it is very low.

Unfortunately, the solutions emerging from this international collaborative context, the scarce investments in the digital-ecological transition process, are ineffective, since the speed of development of crises is considerably higher than the speed of development of solutions, due to the asynchronous collaboration between Peoples, Governments, companies, associations, universities, research bodies, etc.

Synchronic collaboration is essential for obtaining rapid and truly effective solutions to adequately address the current serious, converging systemic crises taking place in the world.

Synchronism is defined in physics as “phase and frequency agreement between two periodic phenomena”. (Physics is the science of Nature that studies the more general aspects of natural phenomena — including the forces of nature — to go back to the laws that govern them and to the universal principles from which they derive).

Synchronism is the functional modality underlying the regulatory mechanisms of natural ecosystems, atoms, cells, living organisms, planetary and galactic systems.

Synchronism is enabling under the “octet rule” (physics) (The rule states that when an atom possesses the complete external electronic level — called “valence shell” -, generally made up of eight electrons, it is a condition of particular energetic stability), and the “octet way” (physics) (the octet way is a term coined by the US physicist Murray Gell-Mann for a theory that organizes subatomic particles baryons and mesons into octets) .

Synchronism is the basis of the functional mechanisms of Nature, necessary to guarantee balance, stability, harmony, synergy.

The current, converging planetary systemic crises in progress (ecological-social-economic-health), are gradually, and in an accelerated way, destabilizing the functional equilibrium of the planet earth with evident harmful repercussions on human civilization.

To adequately resolve these crises, it is necessary that all the Peoples of the Earth, Governments, supranational bodies, companies, associations, universities, research bodies, etc., unite in peace and collaborate in a synchronic way to rapidly start the necessary process of regeneration of the Planet Earth and Human Civilization.

With the term “regeneration”, to be applied to the economic, social and environmental context, we mean: to give new strength; reinvigorate, renew, restore to a previous condition of efficiency, integrity, reconstitute damaged parts, improve, renew, rejuvenate, revive, recover strength, vigor, make efficient, functional again.

The digital-economic transition process initiated by governments around the world consisting, above all, in the systematic application in economic processes of some fundamental and strategic technologies such as the internet of things or internet of things, robotics, biotechnologies such as dna data storage and dna computing, artificial intelligence, quantum computers, blockchain-DLT and crypto economy (or tokenomics), virtual reality, nanotechnologies-nanomaterials, cloud computing, etc., in the circular economy, sharing economy, green economy , etc., are the fundamental starting point for enabling “regenerative solutions” to the ongoing planetary systemic crises.

However, this transition process takes place through asynchronous, individual, fragmented, slow methods and with scarce economic investments, which make them ineffective, weak in the face of the serious systemic crises that develop more and more intensely and quickly.

Within the European Union, Governments, Peoples are rapidly developing the digital-ecological transition with great commitment to quickly emerge from the current crises

( ), but the Union of European Peoples is not the World: resolving the crises of the European continent is impossible without resolving the crises of the world.

To survive, the European Union needs the World Union.

The European Union is a shining example for starting a World Union characterized by the synchronous, peaceful, synergistic, harmonious collaboration of all the people of the world to resolve the current, converging global systemic crises.

As aware people, citizens of the European Union, we ask with great humility and love for Humanity, to the European Parliament to become our interlocutor, mediator with all the peoples of the world in order to forward the request described in this petition in the most appropriate form.

Ordinary people and scientists from all over the world are collaborating to make technical documents available to institutions, governments, to launch a web platform that is functional to guarantee international collaboration to create the regenerative solutions necessary to face the current crises with the “Rigene Project” initiative “on the website (

We have defined this communicative event, and the related collaborative process of Peoples, Governments, companies, associations, Universities, research bodies, etc., “Synchronization phase of the Digital Society | Step 1 for the equilibrium of the planetary octet / planetary eightfold way “.

The “planetary octet / planetary eightfold way” is an interpretation, applied to the world socio-economic-ecological-technological context, of the concept, contemplated in physics, of the “octet rule / eightfold way”, functional to achievement of harmony of Planet Earth and Human Civilization.

In consideration of the worsening of the serious, converging global problems in progress, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, other diseases, climate change, the excessive ecological footprint, excessive environmental pollution, the economic-financial crisis, uncontrolled increase costs of raw materials, poverty, wars, etc., we invite all governments of the world, peoples, supranational bodies, companies, associations, individual citizens, to participate, united and in peace, in the collective construction of the Digital Society, and its digital DNA, resulting from the fragmented and slow process of digital-ecological transition taking place in the world, suitable for the needs of all the people of the world, in harmony with the mechanisms of Planet Earth, supported by the 8 principles of Planetary octet contemplated in the Rigene project ( Nature, Union, Collaboration, Equilibrium, Peace, Resilience, Harmony, Synergy.

We define this collaborative process: “Digital Society synchronization phase”.

This phase will be launched, after an information period, on 22.02.2022, through the platform, following the active participation of Governments, Peoples, etc., which will have understood the initiative.

The synchronization phase is preparatory to the collective construction of DIGITAL DNA, functional to the management of the Digital Society, enabled by the digital-ecological transition process taking place in the world.

Only through the collaboration of all the peoples of Planet Earth will it be possible to achieve the best form of Digital Society, based on the needs of all people, in balance with natural ecosystems.


Details about the “digital DNA” social initiative (initiative website: ):

We bring to your attention the petition examined by the European Parliament “№0207/2021, presented by Roberto De Biase, an Italian citizen, on the reduction of technological, IT, digital and ecological illiteracy to safeguard people’s rights”.

(Link to the petition:

- Petition text n. 0207/2021 .

This petition constitutes the conceptual basis of the “digital DNA” (set of guiding rules developed by all people) to guide the evolution of artificial intelligence and the 4.0 technological ecosystem (industry 4.0, digital public administration, digital health, etc. ), in the context of the global digital-ecological transition in progress, towards a correct technological-human development, so that technologies live in perfect balance with humans and the natural environment.

We propose this Collaborative project for prosperity and human progress, building together the Digital Society, suited to the needs of all the people of the world, in harmony with the mechanisms of Planet Earth, through the setting of DIGITAL DNA.

Let’s build together, united and in peace, the fundamental code of the Digital Society, to regenerate human civilization, the Planet Earth.

In this regard, so that it is possible to adequately apply the rules of the synchronism of Nature to the method of resolutive approach of Governments towards the world systemic crises in progress, we propose the “8 guiding principles of the planetary octet”, formulated as part of the “Rigene” project, aimed at strengthening the ability to stimulate the awareness of each human being towards the Digital Society-DIGITAL DNA, in order to regenerate the planet earth and human civilization thanks to the synchronous, harmonious and creative collaboration of all people in the world, quickly resolving the current planetary systemic crises.

The 8 guiding principles of the planetary octet / planetary eightfold way are:

1. Nature;

2. Union;

3. Collaboration;

4. Equilibrium;

5. Peace;

6. Resilience;

7. Synergy;

8. Harmony.

To these principles we add the 8 principles of the Global Enaction Manifesto ( ):


Life is eco-systemic. Human beings can only live within a biological network, of which they are an integrated and interdependent part


The dimensions of the human being are inseparable and include the material, socio-relational and spiritual aspects


Social well-being is the product of a balanced development of all dimensions of the person


Technology must be placed at the service of common well-being and used to help and protect life on Earth


Social life is such if it is founded on fraternity, caring and reciprocity


Education has the task of promoting the full flowering of the person and the systemic, ethical and aesthetic understanding of life


The institutions have the task of stimulating and supporting the full development of human capabilities and ensuring the protection of the environment


The eco-systemic transformation is achieved through the interdependence of thought and action


To regenerate Planet Earth (the house where the human family lives), and save Humanity from the extinction towards which we are heading due to the current serious global ecological crisis (climate change, environmental pollution, ecological footprint), health crisis world (Covid-19 and other diseases), global economic and social crisis, it is essential that all governments of the world, all people, companies, associations, supranational bodies, etc., unite and collaborate synchronously to develop a model of society evolved and suitable for our time that overcomes the obsolete model of consumer society centered on money, profit at the expense of other people and natural ecosystems, promoting resilience, the well-being of all people and natural ecosystems, IN SUSTAINABLE TIMES BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

In order for such a more advanced model of planetary society to be created, governments all over the world must make available to all people, as soon as possible, adequate technological tools to interact and collaborate in the best possible way, in safety and with respect for rights and of the identities, sensitivities and needs of every single person and every living being.


Furthermore, in order for the rules of functioning of the planet earth and of human society to be properly respected during the process of collaborative interaction between all the people of the world, it is necessary that these technological tools and processes are mediated by an international group of multidisciplinary experts, appointed and monitored by governments, made up of numerous subgroups made up of millions of experts in specific disciplines, suitably coordinated through a blockchain digital platform based on quantum cryptography (to ensure digital security), quantum computers (to ensure optimal performance), dna data storage-computing ( to ensure high storage capacity of IT data and energy saving. Here is a proposal about it: #rigeneproject — ).

The synchronic collective intelligence of the group of experts and of all the people who will collaborate in this project will be fundamental to understand the laws of Nature and apply them to the “Digital Society” model to achieve the state of balance and functional harmony that Nature seeks continuously, identifiable in the methods of the functional organization of molecules, atoms, particles as the “octet rule — eightfold way”, in order to reach a state of functional harmony of Human Civilization in balance with the functional processes of Planet Earth that we define “Equilibrium of the planetary octet”.

In thanking all the exponents of the European Parliament, the European Commission and all other European bodies, for the immense and honorable work they are doing to help the peoples of the European Union and around the world to improve the lives of all people and of the natural environment, to ensure the prosperity and progress of Human Civilization, for having dedicated time and energy to our petitions sent in recent years, we conclude this petition, which however will remain open to international dialogue through the public document and through social media.


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