HOLOS Operating System Design: To avoid the #ThirdWorldWar, Human Civilization will have to choose #collaboration to #evolve

HOLOS Operating System Design: To avoid the Third World War, Human Civilization will have to choose collaboration to evolve towards the Holistic World Union and the Quantum Digital Society to survive the 5 planetary systemic crises

By rodese | Crypto ideas | 17 Feb 2022

HOLOS Operating System Design: To avoid the #ThirdWorldWar, Human Civilization will have to choose #collaboration to #evolve towards the Holistic #WorldUnion and the Quantum #DigitalSociety to survive the 5 planetary systemic crises

The 5 planetary systemic crises (climate crisis, environmental crisis, social crisis, economic crisis, health crisis) in progress are too complex and serious to be addressed with individual solutions, fragmented by single nations.

This individualistic approach is proving weak, ineffective and its continuation will lead to a new world conflict for the control and management of the limited resources of Planet Earth, with disastrous consequences for human civilization, considering the presence of weapons of mass destruction developed in recent years.

The end of Humanity, in such conditions, with the perseverance of the current socio-economic-political paradigms, would be very close!

Human civilization has the knowledge, moral maturity, technological tools to solve the 5 crises and avoid the Third World War and the potential extinction of Humanity.

HOLOS OS (holistic, quantum transition of the Planetary Digital Society) is the answer to the distress signal of Humanity and Planet Earth in danger to definitively resolve the 5 planetary systemic crises!

Humanity and Planet Earth are a single living organism that over time has developed various serious diseases: the symptoms of these diseases are the 5 planetary systemic crises.

The solutions that individual nations around the world are applying are ineffective as they are oriented by a sectoral, individual framework of diseases.

They are not analyzed in their complexity, in their systemic interdependence.

For example: The costs of raw materials are constantly increasing all over the world (therefore the price of goods and services increases) as the planet's resources are increasingly limited due to climate change, environmental pollution, excessive ecological footprint. The solution proposed to reduce the prices of goods and services by governments is to increase public debt with bonuses on electricity, gas, food bills, etc.!

This solution brings immediate relief to families who can afford to keep their lifestyle intact, but only in the short term.

In the long term, this solution will lead to the collapse of the economic and financial system of all the nations of the world, with consequent global social conflicts.

The solution that must be immediately applied to heal the "Humanity-Planet Earth" organism is systemic-holistic:

for example, in the case of rising costs of raw materials, the solution is to accelerate the digital-ecological transition, invest in nanotechnology and biotechnology (nanomaterials),circular economy, sharing economy, green economy, blue economy, in a global systemic-holistic perspective towards the rapid realization of the Quantum Digital Society managed through the HOLOS OS quantum operating system and DIGITAL DNA.

This solution will determine the evolution of Human Civilization towards a new structural-organizational-functional level that will make the entire Humanity-Planet Earth resilient to any crisis and will guarantee the well-being and prosperity of all Humanity-Planet Earth.

The current crises in progress are Nature's means to stimulate the evolution of Human Civilization.

However, if Humanity fails to understand or initiate the correct evolutionary process to resolve the 5 crises, it will become extinct!


To solve planetary systemic crises, a planetary systemic solution approach is needed, that is, a holistic approach!


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[Countdown period - #CognitivePhase for preparation for the #SynchronismPhase]  -  - 






The "synchronism phase" is an initiative launched within the social project "Rigene Project" (  ), through


the petition sent to the European Parliament n ° 1112/2021 entitled: "The survival of the European Union depends on the World Union", with the aim of activating the process of synchronization of the digital society, consisting of actions aimed at accelerating the digital-ecological-quantum-biological transition process initiated by all the Governments of the world, through the synchronic union and collaboration of all the people of the world, to safeguard the well-being of all people and of the Planet Earth through the realization of the "planetary octet path" as a solution to the current systemic health, economic, social, environmental and climatic crises emerging all over the world.


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(Find out more about all the aspects of the "cognitive phase" preparatory to the "synchronism phase" on:


HOLOS Operating System Design: To avoid the #ThirdWorldWar, Human Civilization will have to choose #collaboration to #evolve towards the Holistic #WorldUnion and the Quantum #DigitalSociety to survive the 5 planetary systemic crises








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