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  A site I stumbled on and after a week of getting to know it and actually getting daily payouts of Zcash and bi-daily payouts of Doge coin and receiving Flr from them, I’m starting to like the site a lot. 

  Receive daily a multiplier to word the amount of crypto you can get and if you claim all week you get a chance to spin a loto style game that can get you up to 5$ usd.

  If your the type that likes to play games and compete against others for a chance at getting the high score and win some Dai, there’s a couple there you might want to check out as well. 
     By downloading the brave browser and going to the PipeFlare site on brave you get another multiplier on your daily claim, as well as getting BAT from brave for using the browser. 

  Here’s my referral link if ever you want to check out the site for some free daily crypto : 


  Well hope you enjoyed the read and if you did maybe just give a like and a comment and subscribe, Check out my other post I published.


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