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Libra Dragon title page


        Libra Dragon is a new DApp about merging dragons. Like al merging games it can be long and tedious when you get into the hight levels. 
  There are 30 dragon forms you beam merge. There is a daily wheel spin you get five and the rest of the spins will cost you your hard earned Libra. 

  There are 6 other dragons that are interesting In the game : there are 4 dragons that you can also get on the daily wheel spins, these 4 will slow you to have a the Libra dragon with you permanently and allow you to permanently collect Libra. There is also a scorpion dragon and when he shows up you instantly get 15 Libra, last but certain not least is the Libra dragon himself, he will show up once and a while when you merge a random dragon and when he shows up it’s for a bout 24 hours, then he’s gone till the next time. 

   You always have the option to use your Libra for more spins or just hold onto it, I’m holding what are you going to do ?

try this link for LibraDragon:

 Thanks for your time,

 Hope you enjoyed. 

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