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Coin and XYO

hi everyone 

i would like to take a minute of your time to maybe let you know about a little know about app ......


it’s  an app where you use location data and the app and maybe a sentinel (a little more in that later) to gain coin and you can use said coin to purchase (in app) things like crypto , ps4, Xbox 1, clothing  and all kinds of cool and interesting stuff. 

a little more on the sentinel ...

a small NFC device that work in unison with the app to not only give you more coin but it also make bound wittness’s that will I turn (with the XYO network app) reward you with XYO.

Bound witnesses are kind of picture of your date time, geolocation and if there were and other geolocation devices in the area.

if you are interested in the coin app try my referral link :

Definitely an app worth checking out. Lets you earn crypto!

thanks for taking a minute to hear me out .

oh and if you are interested in the sentinel 

check out this link :

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