Splinterlands: My season reward end of May

Today I claimed my Season´s Rewards

With the new season Splinterlands got some new ways to collect chests for the current season and for the daily quests. You have to collect Season Points now (SP) as well as Focus points (FP) for the daily quests to reach a number of chests.
This will be fun to experience I guess.

But now I want to show you what the rewards of the last season are:


My Rewards

1 Legendary card
1 Rare card
83 credits
2 Legendary potions
1 Alchemy potion

I´m really happy with these cards to be honest and can´t wait to start with the new collection system.

See you soon!

If you don't play Splinterlands yet, you can use my invitation link.

Repost from my Hive Blog, Author of the original article is myself. (@herman-german)

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