Spread Trading on BitMex

Spread Trading on BitMex

By BidAsk.bet | Crypto F&O Edge | 20 May 2020

BitMex is my first crypto trading platform where I try find the market edge. Why spread trading? Because it's an interesting strategy different from classic speculation.  And of course I want to practise Data Analyst 


18.05 - Monday 

Chart: Average block spread XBTUSD:XBTM20 / Time 


Average = 72 

Median = 65,50

In the chart, we see that spread in early morning is high. Over time spread it starts to fall.

Table: Lowest Spread BTC FUTURES- BTC SPOT in day



Table: Highest Spread BTC FUTURES- BTC SPOT in day


I used only ASK side because I want take rebate in sell side. 

Maker Fee- -0,0250% when Sell limit ASK

Taker Fee - 0,0750% when Buy market ASK

Total Fee - 0,0500% 

BTC Price - 9690 * 0,0500% = 4,85 point 


Link to BitMex: https://www.bitmex.com/

I used MS SQL, Power BI to write this article. 

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