3 ways to get free cryptocurrencies

3 ways to get free cryptocurrencies

By CryptoFacts | Crypto Facts | 2 May 2020

What are cryptoes?

Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies that we can store in special online wallets. One of the most frequently chosen and safe are Blockchain, MetaMask and Trust Wallet. Crypto can be obtained in several free ways, which we will present below. You can also buy currencies on various online exchanges. Among others, Coinbase and Binance are such stock exchanges. The second is the investment in the project, the so-called ICO.

What is the purpose of the ICO?

A company wants to make a plan or a project, but has no means to develop it. In such a case, he creates tokens to get a specific amount of money. One of the most popular such actions is Ethereum, whose sale took place in 2014. In 12 hours the creators have already gained 2. 3 million dollars. To this day, the Ethereum is one of the top crypto. We've already mentioned ways to get a crypto by putting money into it, but there are also ways that don't require it! The most interesting are: Airdrops, faucets and cryptic excavators.

3 Ways to get free cryptocurrencies



#1 Airdrops

Airdrop is a gift from the authors of a given crypto. Most often, in order to receive a free crypto you just need to create an account on a given website, join a group on Facebook or Twitter. This is for us as people who receive different tokens convenient and easy. But very often such Airdrops are scams, so be careful.



#2 Faucets

Cryptovalut faucets are free small parts of tokens to get free of charge every specified time. It could be one day, an hour or even 5 minutes! You can receive via websites on any device. Unfortunately, this is one of the least profitable ways, but you have to start with something! Start now!



#3 Mining

It's very similar to crypto faucets. The difference is that it burdens our equipment. You can usually dig on computers or regular graphics cards. Every few seconds or minutes we get a crypto account. We don't have to go to a page or application. There are small profits on one or two devices too, but if we have money to invest in equipment just for digging, it's a very good way.


I hope you liked the article! I wish you a nice day and good odds on the cryptocurrency exchange :D

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Crypto Facts
Crypto Facts

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