The Best Paying & Most Rewarding Multi Faucet 2019 / 2020
The Best Paying & Most Rewarding Multi Faucet 2019 / 2020

By evanpetzer | Crypto Evan | 22 Apr 2019

In the world of Cryptocurrency, Crypto Faucets are probably the easiest way of earning free Cryptocurrency, the challenge is what faucet to use, which one pays and which one is worth while? In this article we take a look at a really amazing Faucet that checks all 3 these boxes and I have personally been using for the past 3 years. Faucets won't make you a Crypto-Millionaire over night and most certainly will not be easy building a passive income but is definitely possible with some effort in the beginning and persistence.

Before taking a closer look at the Faucet in question let me sketch an example of the earning potential at hand. If you are willing to take a minimum of 10 minutes a day and that would be claiming twice a day on each faucet you would probably earn an estimate of R3.00 ($0.15) a week worth of Cryptocurrency at a 100% loyalty bonus -loyalty bonus adds up daily to a maximum of 100%-. If you were to claim 14 - 18 times a day that would put you in a better spot at around R3.00 ($0.15) per day (not week anymore) adding up to an estimate of R1100.00 a year, or $78.00 worth of cryptocurrency. That is without any referral commission or other bonuses included, only a 100% Loyalty Bonus.

Now we can take a closer look at what CoinPot Micro Wallet and the Moon Faucets have in store for us. This is a great and free way to get started in the Crypto Community and the feel of working, earning and accumulating Digital assets. This is not only suitable for a beginner/newbie but can also be a steady and reliable income for the more advanced Crypto enthusiasts.

Here are the 5 Faucets and sign up links, they are coupled to my referral link and would appreciate any sign ups from this article.







The key to success with these faucets is to be persistent, claim everyday and get friends & family to join in on the fun. After 3 years of claiming it is probably one of the habits I have developed to claim a minimum of once in the morning and once in the evening. It becomes a steady income once you gain more sign ups that do it daily and the reward keeps getting better that giving up would be pointless. It would be like throwing away a small little gold mine that keeps growing.

Even Better News!
Recently (1st March 2019) CoinPot Micro Wallet has launched a new rewards program in order to get people even more active and involved than before, from daily challenges to Monthly and even all time challenges that reward you in CoinPot Tokens that can be converted into any of the above mentioned Coins. You will also earn 3 CoinPot Tokens for every Faucet claim you make on the above mentioned faucets.

Each of these faucets offer various accumulative rewards for claiming at least once per 24 hours, I play it safe and claim a minimum of once every 12 hours and on weekends almost every 15 minutes. You can claim whenever you want as often as you want with a 5 minute break in between each claim.

Final Thought.
These Faucets offer referral commissions between 25 - 50% lifetime commission and is still one of the most profitable and reliable Faucets to date. Whether you want to collect trade or experience the feeling of being a part of the Crypto Community this is a must. You can also collect withdraw and trade with your Coins earned to grow them even faster, as the value might increase of each asset it will definitely give you a good free head start with Cryptocurrency.

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